The analysis describes a possible reason for the dual assumption; Life span of over 400 hours

The analysis describes a possible reason for the dual assumption;  Life span of over 400 hours

A new video of resolving Dualism The IFixIt channel revealed possible causes of drift problems facing some PS5 owners.

The video explains how Dualism Uses “out-of-the-box analog hardware with a long history of predictable and preventable problems”.

These analog modules are manufactured by a company called ALPS and are used by the Xbox One and Xbox Elite and Nintendo Switch Pro controllers, along with other controls such as the PS4’s DualShock 4.

Dualikensin, the typical model number used in RKJXV, has a service life of two million cycles, while the service life of the central pressure function is approximately 500,000 cycles.

IFixIt mentions that, although this number may vary depending on the frequency with which you play and the type of game you play, their useful life with these parts exceeds just 400 hours of playing time. Can occur. It is based on the gameplay of “simple math” Obligation Employees of IFixIt.

However, the channel assumes that there will be no drift problem before this. Like the Nintendo Switch, DualInsense has cases of drift problems, and A. A lawsuit was filed against Sony for these problems.

However, IFixIt noted that ALPS is probably not to blame for these drift problems and “probably not the villain in this story”. The main cause of the drift seems to be actually related to the potentiometer, which helps in understanding what kind of movement a player is trying to perform.

Each analog has two potentiometers perpendicular to each other and measures up and down and both left and right. A potentiometer is a three-terminal system that uses voltage to measure the position of the analog. The third terminal, known as the cleaner, slides around a semicircular track. When you shake the analog stick, the position of the wiper – relative to a neutral, central position – allows the control to know where and how you are trying to move.

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There are two other parts that can cause problems, a spring that returns the analog to a neutral and focused position and another that allows the button to be pressed.

Over time, the spring can stretch and form a new neutral position outside the center. This makes the vessel feel like your thumb is moving the stick, even if you are not drifting. Contaminants and imperfections can also cause drift, as they can change the voltage and cause inaccurate readings at terminals. They range from crushed components to external substances, such as plastic powder in food or drinks.

IFixIt provides some repair solutions, including removing and cleaning the pot case or replacing the wiper. Some of the more advanced options include welding.

Otherwise, to purchase a new DualScience, it is recommended to try to get a warranty replacement or unfortunately. It is also important to note that drift can occur for completely new controls, as advanced calibration is necessary to ensure that potentiometers are working correctly and sometimes this does not happen.

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