The Belgian king first met his once secretive sister, Princess Delphine

The Belgian king first met his once secretive sister, Princess Delphine
The couple first met on October 9 in a “warm encounter” at the royal family’s official residence, Lacan’s Castle, the Belgian monarchy said. Statement.

Saxe-Coberg, daughter of former Belgian King Albert II, won the right to call herself a princess earlier this month, following a Brussels Court of Appeal ruling that said she had the same rights. And for his father’s royal title. Three other children.

Recently known as the Delphine Bowl, Saxe-Coberg filed a lawsuit in 2013 seeking to have the former king recognized as his father. He claimed that King had an affair with his mother, Sibyl de Salis Longchamps, which resulted in his birth in 1968.

The former King fought the claims for seven years and even failed a DNA paternity test in October 2018 after being ordered to do so by the Brussels Court of Appeals.

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Albert II was last seen by a court taking a love test when he was due to face a court ruling last May. A daily fine € 5,000 (5,600) until he took the test. In January, he admitted that he was Boyle’s biological father.

King Philip and Princess Delphine said in a statement on Thursday, “This long and rich discussion has given us the opportunity to learn to know each other. We talked about our lives and areas of common interest. “This bond will be further developed in the family setting,” he added.

Albert II married Paula Paolo Rafo de Calabria, Queen of Belgium in 1959, and became king in 1993. In 2013, at the age of 79, he relinquished the throne in favor of his son Philip, citing concerns about his age and health.

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