The Bowers will perform Max Fried in hopes of a serious Game 1 win against the Dodgers.

The Bowers will perform Max Fried in hopes of a serious Game 1 win against the Dodgers.

It is very logical to say that winning the first match of the playoff series in baseball is quite beneficial. While the impact of math on these seven games is not as great as it is over five games (or even three this year), it is still a big boost to the winner’s goal. Beyond the simple math, another advantage for the winning team is that they are now in most cases ahead of the opponent’s best pitcher, so the ability to win in principle has become easier.

But how much has it been to win Game 1 in recent history?

Every year since 1995, three seven game series, NLCS, ALCS, and World Series, Used to determine the best team in baseball out of the last four teams. In that time frame, a total of 75 series have been played. The team that wins Game 1 has a total record of 55-22. Although the World Series has a higher success rate than the Championship Series for the benefit of a Game 1 win, there have been only two seasons in which both qualifying winners have won the Championship Series after losing Game 1.

Simply put, winning Game 1 does not guarantee victory; However, winning strings and speed definitely improve for the winning team.

The Brave Find out in their latest playoff history for a fact. Although not in the seven-game series, the Braves have played in four playoff rounds since 2018, losing the series when they lost in Game 1 and winning the series when they won Game 1. Atlanta is not created. It’s too late now, they have enough knowledge of the importance of winning a Game 1.

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The Braves are 5-0 so far this post season, winning in critical fashion due to historic pitching and a crime that has repeatedly hit extra base. Of course, between Red And Marlins, The heroes faced the whole competition which they had to defeat. In the NLCS, the Braves find themselves in a different role as an underdog when they face off. Los Angeles Dodgers. The Braves will definitely face an upgrade in the competition, especially when it comes to Atlanta’s pot. Dodgers Offense However, although the Dodgers have a very talented staff with a lot of depth, the Braves have shown that, in both the regular season of 2020 and the playoffs, they can certainly rise to the occasion against quality weapons.

Walker Buer In Game 1, the Dodgers will take over. Through two starts in the 2020 playoffs, Buler Has worked eight innings, allowed three runs, five hits, six walks and prepared 16 strikeouts. While he has been influential, he is certainly not untouchable. Considering this fact, the heroes faced talents like Trevor Bauer, Luis Castillo, And Sandy Alcantara In the last two weeks, they should have a plan to take advantage of the opportunities once they emerge.

Of course, compare the merits Buller The above name means a compliment rather than a way to snatch the pit from his talent. Now 26, Buller The year has already produced the campaign’s top 3 rookies in 2018 and a top-10 Sai Young finish and All-Star selection in 2019. He also has playoff experience, such as over 44 1/3 In the innings, Bueller produced a 2.84 ER, 0.95 WHIP, and just 16 walks compared to a 60.7 strike. However, the last time he faced Atlanta, the Braves improved the Bulls. Over five innings, Bueller allowed seven hits, three walks and five earned runs. The biggest blow, as seen above, was from the Game 3 Grand Slam bat Ronald Acuna Jr. Which officially put him on the map as one of MLB’s best stars for the present and the future.

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Brave will also display as a known Game 1 face Max Fried. This postseason started after two more than 11 innings, Fried Has allowed 12 hits and four runs. However, he did not bat a single wicket and has nine strikeouts. All four runs were allowed against the Marlins, who were much better than the right-hander during the regular season. E.g. Fried Having struggled with injuries over the past month, his dominance level has returned slightly. However, his start to the playoffs for the Braves vs. the Reds ਬਾਉਰ As shown, he is more than capable of making an impressive start at this stage.

Outside of his postseason start against Atlanta, Buler was impressive the other two times he faced the Braves in his career. He is 2-0 with a 2.92 ERA, 12 strikeouts, and .57 WHIP. The Braves have produced a .477 OPS against him in those two starts. Fried Not so bad against the Dodgers. Compared to Los Angeles, who have completed just 11 innings in the last three starts, Fried has a 6.55 ERA, 1.90 WHIP (thanks to 14 hits and 7 walks), and 16 strikeouts. In terms of being familiar with the opposition, B Bller is clearly the most effective potter.

In terms of left-handed combat, the Dodgers outperformed the Braves this season, producing 113 WRC + for Atlanta, compared to 101 WRC +. Both teams produced 126 WRC + against right-handed pitching this season, tied for the best in the Majors. New York Mets. Although the two offenses seem to be quite similar in terms of their production capacity, the Dodger has been a little better against left-handed pitching.

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When it comes to pitching, offense, and bullying, the general truth is that the Dodgers have been a little better this season than the Braves. Obviously they are a huge favorite. However, as noted by multiple players, Atlanta’s starting staff and lineup both look great, as they are both determined and motivated to take advantage of this opportunity. Although Bueller is a formidable opponent, Atlanta won a postseason over him just two years ago. As a result, although they are underdogs, the Braves definitely have the ability to beat the Dodgers and move on.

A Game 1 win would definitely be a big boost for that reason if Fried could produce an X tonight.

Sports information

Game Date / Time: Monday, October 12, 8:08 EST

Location: Globe Life Field, Arlington, Texas


Radio: 680 m / 93.7 FM The Fan, WNNX 100.5, Braves Radio Network

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