The boy was prevented from entering the classroom because his hair was dyed

The boy was prevented from entering the classroom because his hair was dyed

Gema Leaning of England is upset that months after taking an online class, her son was unable to return to a face-to-face course because of his hair. Jacob Lee-Stokes was prevented from entering the room due to his red hair. He was not able to fix the situation in the hair salon before, because all establishments are still closed due to the new epidemic. Coronavirus.

Jacob’s mother told local website Grimsby Live that Hamburston Academy High School suggested that the 15-year-old shaved her hair because she could not go there with threads of different colors. The institution argues that the families learned about returning to school two weeks ago and that it was time to prepare the “appropriate” attendance of the students.

“I think school policy and you would have been taken to the hairdresser in general, but no one has this option. Lockdown“Said Gemma, who said:” I don’t know what they expect their parents to do. They will not ask a girl to ‘shave her hair’. Who decides what is beautiful and what is not? “

In quarantine, Jacob experimented with dyeing his hair blue and pink. In an effort to quickly return to their original color, they painted red, but the result was not the best.

“All schools need to pay attention to students’ mental health and not just say that they are taking care of their mental health. I just want to go back to class,” the boy said.

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