The day she turns off the device, the elderly woman will wake up from a coma

The day she turns off the device, the elderly woman will wake up from a coma

American Bettina Lerman, 69, was hospitalized in a Portland hospital with Covid-19 for more than a month after doctors said she would not wake up. Faced with this scenario, the family decided to switch off the devices that kept her alive. However, the day the Sahara would end, the elderly woman woke up from a coma.

At that time, Betina’s lease had already been suspended. In addition, her clothes were donated and the family was planning the funeral, so much so that the coffin and headstone, as well as the flower arrangements, were already properly chosen. After hearing the phrase “your mother will never wake up” from the doctors themselves, the elderly woman’s son, Andrew Lerman, was surprised to receive one regarding funeral arrangements.

“He (the doctor) said, ‘Okay, I want you to come here right away.’ So I said, ‘Okay, what’s wrong.’, Andrew said in an interview with CNN, recalling that She had also dropped her phone on the floor. Excited to receive the news at the end of October. She remains in critical condition for the time being, but she is aware.

importance of vaccine

According to the son, Betina had various health problems, such as Diabetes, apart from having a heart attack and undergoing bypass surgery. The elderly woman was not vaccinated against Covid, but the vaccination was planned at the time she contracted the disease. She lives with her son in Florida but makes frequent visits to Portland to care for Andrew’s father, who has stage 4 cancer.

Andrew, who was also without vaccination, was infected, as well as his wife and father. However, the condition of the mother influenced her opinion about the vaccine. “I change my point of view, because if we get Covid again, it probably won’t be as bad as it is now,” he commented in an interview with The Washington Post.

About three weeks after awakening, Bettina’s condition remains critical, but the hospital cannot share more information due to privacy laws. Anyway, Lerman told CNN she talked for hours with her mother last Wednesday and she could shake her hands. “She knows where she is and who she is. She is very perceptive,” he said.

The medical team is currently trying to rehabilitate the older woman with physical therapy, although some irreversible damage to her lungs has already occurred.

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