The FBI awards up to $ 50,000 for information on congressional invaders. National newspaper

The FBI awards up to $ 50,000 for information on congressional invaders.  National newspaper

The FBI, the American Federal Police, took over the United States Congressional investigation into the invasion and offered up to $ 50,000 in reward to anyone with information about the invaders.

Posters containing photographs of wanted people were displayed at the bus stop. In a statement, the FBI stated that the arrest suggests that all individuals involved in the Capitol invasion will be found and held responsible for their crimes.

One of the prisoners was Richard Barnett. His photo, sitting in Mayor Nancy Pelosi’s office, with his feet on the table, ran throughout the United States and became a symbol of the Congressional invasion.

After being identified by the authorities, he surrendered on Friday (8) to the state of Arkansas, and is in FBI custody.

Barnett, 60, has been charged with violation of restricted space, violent action and theft of public property. If convicted, he faces up to a year in prison.

Contrary to the historical seriousness of crime, Vandakas behave as if they are on a reality show, taking a selfie and live on the Internet. What looked like a coup attempt was actually a pathetic scam.

This Saturday (9), the United States Department of Justice announced the arrest and indictment of three more involved.

Jake Angeli was charged with intentionally entering a restricted building without causing legal authority, violent action and disorder on the Capitol grounds. He drew attention for attacking Congress with his body painted and wearing horns. He is part of a group that disseminates conspiracy theories on the Internet.

Adam Christian Johnson, who appeared to be carrying the mayor’s pulp, was also convicted. He had already returned to Florida, the state where he lives. And Derrick Evans – a West Virginia state deputy – who broadcast live on the Internet at the time of the invasion.

In all, 16 people had already been instigated for the invasion, killing five.

Among them, Brian Siknik, who had been a Capitol policeman since 2008. He died after being injured during the attack.

The family said that Brian is a hero and that is what people want him to remember. On Friday (8) the Capitol flag was raised at half mast in honor of the police officer.

Ashleshi Babet, 35, was killed while trying to break through a door in a Congress constituency. She was a veteran of the US Air Force.

The other three supporters of President Trump died in the congressional invasion. One suffered a heart attack, the other suffered an attack. And, according to the family, one supporter was crushed during the confusion.

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