The first video of the Antonov An-225 hit and burn in Ukraine appears

The first video of the Antonov An-225 hit and burn in Ukraine appears

The first images with some details of the damage done to the world’s largest aircraft, the Antonov An-225 Myria, appeared on the web today and show the critical condition of the aircraft.

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After much speculation as to whether the AN-225 was actually hit by artillery or small arms fire, and how much damage would be done, a video shows the hangar where the aircraft stood, as we have seen before. over here,

The images would have been recorded on Friday, 25 February, or Saturday, 26, the Sunday before, with the first aerial photographs of the hit hangar and the An-225 at Gostomel Airport, the main base and factory. Antonov on the outskirts of Kyiv, Ukraine.

In the video below, the nose of the aircraft can be clearly seen falling to the ground and the front of the fuselage badly destroyed, as well as clearly burnt wings near the fuselage. could.

The atmosphere around the plane is doomed, with several Russian Ural trucks also on fire, as well as debris all over the yard. The video was published by a profile on Twitter and shared by the aircraft’s manufacturer Antonov Company. See (wait for it to load, if it doesn’t appear right away):

According to the message above in the video, the manufacturer reaffirms that it will not be able to officially pronounce on the status of the aircraft until the aircraft is inspected by experts, and continues to ask whether We await confirmation.

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