The game’s first gameplay may appear on the Internet

The game's first gameplay may appear on the Internet

An alleged GTA 6 gameplay has been leaked

If you’re a fan of video games, you’ve probably played a title in the series. GTA gives Rockstar Games, These open world action games are some of the best ever, although sadly it’s almost 9 years since we got a new title. “GTA V” has been around since 2013 and is being re-released, while “GTA: Online“Receives many updates.

This disappointed the players to such an extent that they did not even think that “gta 6“It’s real. However, recently Rock Star confirmed that it is working on the development of the new franchise game, Since then, fans have been waiting to know when the game will be announced along with the official trailer. The latest rumors about the game coincide with the progress of development and roughly when fans will actually be able to play it. Now, an alleged gameplay has just leaked.

gta 6 cover
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by channel youtube SanInplay, a Brazilian employee of Rockstar, sent a video to a friend via WhatsApp and leaked possible scenarios. gta 6, In the images we can see the incredible graphics, something that will surely be impressive given the game as well as its size.

In related news, leaker Chris Klippel, who has accurately leaked Rockstar Games news in the past, believes there’s a chance that Grand Theft Auto 6 It will have a fair reveal by the end of the year as the development of the game is progressing well. However, that doesn’t mean fans should expect to play the game any time soon.

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Klippel believes release date Grand Theft Auto 6 That won’t happen until the end of 2024, even as the game is reportedly progressing well behind the scenes. So while it’s still some time for Grand Theft Auto fans to play the next game in the beloved franchise, at least there’s some light at the end of the tunnel and they have a general idea of ​​when they can expect to hear more of it. .

Of course, it is always possible that various leaks and rumors Grand Theft Auto 6 Can be false, even from reliable sources. Like any video game leak or rumor, it’s best for fans to know about it. gta 6 With a huge inquiry until Rockstar Games itself decides to release more information.

Check out the video below youtube,

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