The governor of New York insists on remaining in office despite the resignation. world

The governor of New York insists on remaining in office despite the resignation.  world

New York State Senate Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins ​​said she should step down “for the interest of the state”, saying “I will not resign due to allegations.”

“There is no way for me to resign,” Cuomo repeated.

Andrew Cuomo during a press conference on February 22, 2021

Stewart-Cousins ​​said in a statement that Cuomo’s harassment allegations by the former assistant came at a critical time, amidst the state’s struggle against Kovid-19 and allegations that the Cuomo government misused its initial response to the pandemic.

He said, “We need to govern without daily disturbances. Governor Cuomo should resign.”

Lower House Democratic leader Karl Hetti issued a statement shortly thereafter. “I think it’s time for the governor to seriously consider whether he can effectively meet the needs of the people of New York,” the text released by The New York Times stated.

Cuomo, initially praised for managing the epidemic in his state, suffered a spectacular drop in public opinion, and Republicans also called for his resignation.

His former assistant Lindsay Boylan claims the governor denied the charge, accusing him of kissing her.

“I have never touched anyone inappropriately,” Cuomo said Wednesday. “It was not intentional, and I sincerely and deeply apologize,” he said.

The state’s Attorney General Letitia James investigates the allegations.

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