The mighty German Air Force’s Airbus A310 aircraft to be built at the zoo

The mighty German Air Force's Airbus A310 aircraft to be built at the zoo
Photo by Juke Schweizer, CC BY-SA 4.0, via wikimedia

The classic Airbus A310 with registration number 10+23, recently taken out of service by the German Air Force after 32 years of service, will have an unusual new destination: it will be converted into a restaurant which will be located on the outskirts of Hanover. set up in the zoo. handjob Explored by our partner Aviacionline.

It is an aircraft that operated for two years in the colors of the East German airline Interflug before joining the Luftwaffe in 1991, first under GDR-ABC registration, then as D-AOAC. Its acquisition by the local air force, following the reunification of Germany, transformed the jet into a model for transporting troops, cargo and medical evacuation.

Nevertheless, the interior configuration with the seats was partially retained, allowing up to 214 passengers. However, because of their employment, rows of seats can be quickly converted into hospital beds for aeromedical support. The maximum range of the aircraft was 11,000 km.

See below the tribute to the plane with jets of water. The images were shared on the Luftwaffe channel.

the end of a long military career

The last operational mission of 10+23 was during the Kabul air evacuation operation, at which time the Luftwaffe evacuated approximately 5,000 people, including German and Afghan allied civilians and their families. The A310 was used to transport Afghan refugees from the airport in Tashkent (Uzbekistan) to Germany.

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The last flight of the aircraft was from Cologne Airport to Hanover, where it was greeted with a water bow. From now on it is expected that it will not fly again.

Instead, Aero Telegraph Informs you that your final destination is Serengeti-Park Hodenhagen, located 50 kilometers from Hanover Airport. This would be done by road, at a speed of 5 km/h (so different from the 850 km/h I was flying). To do this, the aircraft would be “dismembered” into several parts. The wings, tail and landing gear are first separated from the fuselage.

Upon arrival at the zoo, the Airbus A310 was received with a new animal-themed painting and a . will receive deck external. The kitchen of the restaurant will be built at the same place where the cargo hold was earlier.

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