The mix will be cut in the final showdown between Trump and Biden to prevent disruption.

US Presidential Election 2020 LIVE Updates: Mics to be Muted in Final Showdown Between Trump & Biden to Stop Interruptions

In the final debate, in September, Trump blocked Biden 71 times, compared to former Vice President Trump’s 22 interceptions, Axis reported. The two candidates were supposed to have a second debate last Thursday, but after the president tested positive for coronavirus, the commission changed the rules to allow a debate to take the form of an online debate. Trump then withdrew from the debate, and the two men held hostile tour meetings on various television channels. Thursday’s debate will be the last time the two rivals will compete before the November 3 election.

Meanwhile, Florida voters rallied at early polling stations Monday in a major state battle between Trump and Biden as their controversial White House race entered its final 15 days. According to a tracker before November 3 – U.S. record numbers have already voted in person or by mail, as opposed to a martial support race from one opposition state to another. Biden sent his running mate, Kamala Harris, to Florida to rally voters there, while Trump was on the battlefield west of Arizona, where he won in 2016, but now in state-level polling he Less than the opponent. In Tucson, Trump called the election “a Trump’s super-recovery … or a choice between Biden Depression” and promised to return to epidemic levels.

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