The player defeats the Elden Ring Boss without doing practically anything •

The player defeats the Elden Ring Boss without doing practically anything •

Attacked him only once.

Elden Ring remains the game of the moment, and the internet is full of interesting clips that show what players around the world are experiencing differently.

A fun clip, which you can watch below, shows a player sitting on top of a cliff most of the time, doing practically nothing while defeating Tree Sentinel.

Using the Spirit Ashes at the start of the confrontation, the player was able to watch the fight from afar, and it was only at the end that Tree Sentinel noticed his presence. So, and as you can see in the video, it only took one hit to defeat the boss.

It’s worth noting that Tree Sentinel is the first big boss you’ll encounter in the game’s open world and you don’t need to fight it. If you want, you can always go around it and come back later.

In any case, consult our guide where we explain a simple technique kill tree watchdog,

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