The record marks the beginning of recording for the replacement for “Genesis” – Prisma.

Raphaela Castro, autora de

In the record, attention has already begun to turn to the production of “Kings”, a replacement for “Genesis”.

The start of recording for September has been confirmed, but a release date has not yet been announced.

As speculated in this space, “Reece” will be written by Rafaela Castro, who is responsible for the final part of “Genesis”, Jose, and veteran Christian Friedman will also be part of the team.

The novel will be based on several biblical books, such as Kings, Chronicles, Proverbs, Song of Solomon, Ecclesiastes, Psalms, among others. There will be some parallel cores and wefts along the chain footprint.

At its beginning, it would address Israel’s transition to the form of government, before being ruled by judges and then by the monarchy.

It will soon show the last two judges, Eli and Samuel, who will first follow the kings, Saul and David, and then the story of Solomon and everyone else. At this time the kingdom would split into two parts: Israel (the capital Samaria) and Judah (the capital Jerusalem).

The logic is very rich in palace plots, oppression of people, alliances, invasions, captivity and destruction.

However, the public would also be able to observe great miracles, divine help, God’s intervention, every time the people or king remembered and turned to him.

Production should start soon, including your cast.

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