The Republican leader proposed Trump’s impeachment in the Senate that began on Thursday. world

The Republican leader proposed Trump's impeachment in the Senate that began on Thursday.  world

Or Leader not Republican Two Senate America, Senator Mitch McConnell, proposed on Thursday (20) that Second impeachment Of Donald Trump The house will be analyzed next Thursday, the 28th, And the former president has two weeks to present his defense.

In an official statement, McConnell said he sent the proposal to Democratic leader Chuck Schumer. In this, he suggests that the process (Understand the next steps here) Starts at 28 January. From this date, Both sides will have 14 days to build their defenses, In favor of impeachment and, in Trump’s case, against him.

McConnell, Row Announced day before Trump urges Invasion of the capitol, Said that in “times of strong political obsession”, Republican senators believe it is necessary to not allow an “incomplete process” to harm Trump, the Senate and the presidency.

To Reuters, A. Schumer’s spokesman confirmed that the proposal had been received and would be discussed with McConnell. The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, said on Thursday that she had not set a date on the Senate to pursue her request for impeachment, which would begin the process. He simply said “it will be soon”.

According to Reuters, Trump hired attorney Butch Bowers to defend the case. For impeachment to pass, two-thirds of the Senate must vote “yes”.

VIDEOS: Invasion of the Capitol

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