The revenue auction has Xiaomi cell phones worth R$350, PS5 and iPhones. Economy

The revenue auction has Xiaomi cell phones worth R$350, PS5 and iPhones.  Economy
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Xiaomi cell phones from R$350 in revenue auction, PS5 and iPhones

Another is launching the auction in Belem (PA). The new round brings a lot of Xiaomi cellphones and watches such as the Mi 11 Lite, Redmi Note 9 and Poco M3 along with other types of confiscated products such as PlayStation 5, iPhones, Apple Watch and more. Starting bids range from BRL 350 to BRL 16,000 . are up to

Clusters bring mixed electronics. Lot 6, for example, brings together one PlayStation 5 unit, two 256GB iPhone 12 Pro Max, eight Apple Watch Series 5, Xiaomi wearables, and other items. The starting bid is $15,000.

Lot 7 is aimed at those looking for Apple products. In addition to the fourth- and eighth-generation iPads, the selection includes the MacBook with 8GB and the 256GB Apple M1 – the IRS did not inform the model of the notebook, however. The group with bids of R $ 16 thousand still has a Mac mini with a Core Duo of 1.66 GHz.

There’s also a lot 22 with an iPad’s drive of 32GB of storage.

Lot 7 of the IRS auction brings several Apple products (Image: Reproduction)
Lot 7 of the IRS auction brings several Apple products (Image: Reproduction)

How to Participate in a Federal Revenue Auction?

Participating in an IRS auction requires that all pending issues be up to date. It is also essential to read the public information available on the agency’s website, as not all bids may be made by individuals, eg. Check out other requirements:

  1. obtain a digital certificate (purchased separately);
  2. Receive an access code through the e-CAC portal;
  3. Visit the Revenue website and place your bid to purchase the products.
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The auction in Belem (PA) started receiving offers on Monday (17). The offer period is expected to close on February 7. This will be followed by a ranking and bidding session on February 8. View all notices, lots and other details on the Revenue website:

Find out how the IRS auction works.

Lot 19 is made up of Xiaomi cell phones (Image: Reproduction / Federal Revenue)
The lot is made up of 19 Xiaomi cell phones and more (Image: Reproduction / Federal Revenue)

Many people have Xiaomi phones and more

Auctions also bring in other types of products. Apart from Apple, Lot 19 is the ideal choice for those looking for Xiaomi items, as it will pack a Poco M3, a Redmi Note 8, a Redmi Note 10, an Amazfit GTS 2 Mini and more, along with two Amazon Echos. Comes. Dots fourth generation. Bids start at R$1,400.

Lot 62 is exclusively designed by Mi 11 Lite with 6GB RAM and 128GB Space. Grouping number 60 is made by two Redmi Note 10S and two more Redmi Note 9. There’s also an option that brings in Apple products, such as Lot 59, which delivers the 64GB iPhone 8 Plus (without box and without accessories). Poco M3, one Redmi Note 9 and the other Redmi Note 9S.

There’s still a lot 52 with Canon cameras and multilaser tablets. View the main lots of the auction of Federal Revenue in Belem (PA), collected by technoblog

batch main product opening bid
6 1x PlayStation 5
3x Xiaomi Smart Band 6
2x Redmi Mi Smart Band 6
2x iPhone 12 Pro Max 256GB
1x iPhone 12 64GB
1x iPhone 12 Pro Max 128GB
8x Apple Watch Series 5
5x Apple Watch Series 1
R $ 15.000
7 1x Apple Mac Mini Core Duo 1.66 GHz
1x iPad 32GB 8th Generation
1x iPad 64GB 4th Generation
2x MacBook 256GB 13
1x MacBook 512GB
1x MacBook M1 8/256 GB
1x Apple Tablet 8th Generation 32GB
R $ 16.000
19 1x Poco M3 4GB / 64GB
1x Redmi Note 10 4GB / 64GB
1x Redmi Note 8 4GB / 64GB
3x Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen
2x Amazon Echo Dot 4th Generation
1x Amazfit GTS 2 Mini
R $ 1.400
22 1x iPad 10 32GB R $ 1.100
24 1x Poco X3 128GB
1x Redmi Note 9 4GB/128GB
1x Redmi 9A 32GB
R $ 700
55 1x Redmi Note 9 3GB / 64GB R $ 600
57 1x Canon DS126311 Digital Camera with Canon 58mm Lens
1x Tablet Multilaser
R $ 1.950
59 1x iPhone 8 Plus 64GB (Without Box & Without Accessories)
1x Poco M3 4GB/128GB
1x Redmi Note 9S 4GB/128GB
1x Redmi Note 9 4GB/128GB
R $ 1.250
60 2x Redmi Note 10S 6GB/64GB
1x Redmi Note 9 4GB/128GB
R $ 700
62 1x Mi 11 Lite 6GB / 128GB R $ 350
66 1x Redmi Note 9 Pro 4GB/128GB
1x Redmi Note 10 8GB/128GB
R $ 650
68 1x iPhone 7 Plus 32GB (Without Box, With Cable & Charger)
1x Redmi Note 10 4GB/128GB
R $ 750
69 1x redmi 9i 4gb
1x Redmi Note 10 Pro Max 6GB/128GB
R $ 700
78 1x Redmi Note 8 Pro Forest Green 128GB (China) R $ 800
91 1x Redmi Note 8 Pro 128GB R $ 900
93 1x Mi A3 64GB
1x redmi 9 64gb
R $ 1.300
109 1x iPhone 11
2x Mi Note 10
R $ 2.500

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Xiaomi cell phones from R$350 in revenue auction, PS5 and iPhones

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