The Rumor: The “Great PlayStation Remake” Is Chrono Cross

The Rumor: The “Great PlayStation Remake” Is Chrono Cross

Classic RPG Remake chrono cross Cross-platform is reportedly in development from Square Enix (via) VGC,

chrono cross, which was released in 1999 for the original PlayStation, was one of several unannounced titles listed in a leak. NVIDIA Database in September — a listing that the company later admitted was genuine, even though it said the games weren’t necessary.

The following month, the VGC website reported allegations that PlayStation will announce a remake of the “big game” this Christmas, a song he said was included with his soundtrack. Folk singer Abha McMahon, who introduces herself as Ava, told Irish radio WLR FM that she had recorded an Irish theme for the game, which is yet to be revealed.

And according to XboxEra co-founder Nick Baker, the remake in question is Chrono Cross Remastered,

,Chrono Cross Remastered, I think, was already on NVIDIA’s leaked list, so the game shouldn’t come as a surprise. But they told me that the VGC article is about Chrono Cross Remastered,” he said in the latest XboxEra podcast.

“What else I am told – because everyone is operating under the assumption that this is a PlayStation exclusive – I have been told that it is not. The only term used was ‘cross platform.’ Now, when I JRPG and cross platform, I automatically assume PC, PlayStation, Switch, that’s my guess. I wasn’t told so, it’s just my guess. Whatever my source told me was ‘ cross platform. That’s what they said, they told me it wasn’t PlayStation exclusive.”

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Baker continued, “But I think there’s confusion because it says PlayStation is ready to announce it, so everybody’s going to assume that PlayStation is announcing something that will be exclusive, which isn’t always Pragya is not exclusive, she has announced many things. [que não são exclusivas],

PlayStation doesn’t have any confirmed events for the end of the year so far, though. The Game Awards 2021 To be held on 9th December.

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