The shortages lead to long lines and fights at UK gas stations; Watch Video | World

The shortages lead to long lines and fights at UK gas stations;  Watch Video |  World

There have been fights and arguments at gas stations in United Kingdom In recent days, however, tensions have risen due to the crisis in the transport sector, which has pushed drivers to the limit after queuing for hours to try to refuel. (watch video above).

Distributors say that petrol is available, the problem is in transporting it to the gas station. With the reduction in the number of truck drivers working in the country, the sector has found it difficult to deliver fuel – among other products – within Great Britain.

“Sorry, ‘no’ We have more fuel for today, I’m sorry,” says the poster at a London gas station on September 28, 2021 – Photo: Frank Augustine / AP

Problems with supplies in the country – which is an island, which makes its logistics even more difficult – are nothing new.

last few months, Many companies in the food sector were already reporting difficulties in getting basic products. Fast-food chains (such as McDonald’s, for example) were left without the famous and traditional french fries.

Last week, however, oil giants such as BP and ExxonMobil announced the closure of gas stations because they found it difficult to get fuel to customers. Plus, supermarket shelves are already starting to run out.

Concerned, medical associations are asking nurses and caregivers to prioritize health professionals in terms of supplies.

British gas station pump idling due to lack of fuel in “Sorry, out of service,” September 28, 2021 photo – Photo: Frank Augustine/AP

Is there a lack of fuel?

According to the British Government, No. Difficulty in transporting the fuel to the outlets is the problem. Transportation Secretary Grant Shapps even said the lack of gasoline was the fault of drivers who ran after the product “out of panic for the population”.

In an interview with the Andrew Marr program on British broadcaster BBC, Shapps said, “There is no shortage of fuel and people should be wise and only refuel when needed.”

a Petrol Retailers Association (PRA), the country’s gas stations association, said it had not seen an increase in fuel supplies in many parts of the UK, and said there was still a lot of pressure from drivers who, without success, are trying to fill up .

Truck drivers shortage poses shortage risk in UK

The situation worsened as a good portion of the truck drivers working in the country come from the European bloc. Earlier, they used to broadcast freely. Now, New frontier bureaucracy gets in the way and any delay costs money: Many drivers are paid by the distance covered, not by the hour.

With the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, many of them went home and did not return. According to recent calculations, the transport sector is operating with an estimated labor shortage of around 100,000 drivers.

The Conservative government is now trying to turn to foreign workers to solve the problem. officials Will offer 5,000 visas for drivers From other countries to work temporarily until Christmas.

The Eastern European Transport Union, a major source of labor for Britain in recent years, is unwilling to help and says the British need to learn to deal with the consequences of Brexit.

Truck supply station in Manchester, England, September 28, 2021 — Photo: John Super/AP

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