The UN chief tried to push for the Myanmar coup; Facebook is closed in the country. world

The UN chief tried to push for the Myanmar coup;  Facebook is closed in the country.  world

Secretary General HIM-HER-IT, Antonio Guterres, Said that It will do everything in its power to ensure that the international community is “putting enough pressure” Myanmar So that the coup “fails”.

“It is unacceptable to change the election and the will of the people,” Guterres said in an interview with the newspaper “The Washington Post” on Wednesday (3).

The Army took over And arrested the country’s president, Vin Mint; Nobel Peace Prize of 1991, Aung San Suu Kyi; And other civil leaders Monday (1), Due to a strong response from the international community (Except China and Russia).

Following the coup, a one-year state of emergency was declared in the country and General Min Aung Hling, commander of the armed forces, was appointed acting president.

Nobel Peace Prize winner Suu Kyi has been formally charged To keep radio communication equipment at home I, Amid protests, the military reduced access to Facebook and other social networks Required for Burmese communication.

Facebook announced that access was “constrained to some” and asked the country’s authorities to reestablish the connection.

Norwegian company Telenor, One of Myanmar’s major telecommunications providers confirmed that authorities had ordered Facebook to “temporarily block”. “We do not believe that this measure is consistent with international law”.

People against military coup outside Mandalay Medical University in Myanmar on Thursday (4) – Photo: Reuters

Citizen of Myanmar on Tuesday, outside the UN building in Bangkok, Thailand, photo of leader Aung San Suu Kyi protesting against the military coup in the country (2) – Photo: Reuters / George Silva

The aim is to prevent demonstrations from gaining strength. On Thursday morning, a group of protesters gathered on the streets of Mandalay, the country’s second largest city, calling for a return to democracy.

In a video posted on Facebook, a group is shown a banner in front of the Divisional Medical School with the words “Oppose coup by the people”.

On Wednesday (3), doctors and health professionals, who wore a red ribbon in protest, announced that they would refuse to work except in a medical emergency.

“We will only follow a democratically elected government,” Aung San Min, director of a 100-bed hospital in the Central Magway region, told the France Press news agency.

In front of the staff building at Yangon General Hospital and He saluted with three fingers, A gesture of resistance adopted by pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong and Thailand.

A group called the Civil Disobedience Movement was also formed on Facebook, which had 150,000 subscribers even before the social network went offline. The page description says “Army should be ashamed” and “Army are thieves”.

Health professionals salute against Myanmar on Wednesday (3) in Yangon city with 3 fingers – Photo: Henin Yi Win via Reuters

Personal steps (2) on the photo of General Min Aung Hling, responsible for the military coup in Myanmar during a protest outside the UN building in Bangkok, Thailand on Tuesday (Photo): Reuters / George Silva

On Tuesday (2), Residents protest with clowns and respect In Yangon, the country’s economic capital. Many people said “Long-lived mother Soo”.

Acts also came into force in Rangoon and many people asked Facebook to rebel against the seizure of power by the military, After a request from Suu Kyi.

When asked about the charge against the Nobel peace being an imported radio at home, Guterres said that “if we can accuse him for something, it’s because we are so close to the military, very much protecting them.” to do”.

The United Nations Secretary-General said, “I hope that democracy in Myanmar can move forward again, but for this purpose all prisoners should be released and the constitutional system restored.”

He also regretted that the UN Security Council, which met on Tuesday (2) to discuss the situation in Myanmar, did not reach an agreement – China and Russia blocked approval of a declaration condemning the coup done.

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