The whale fell into the sea after being hit by a tourist boat

The whale fell into the sea after being hit by a tourist boat

A family was surprised during a whale watching tour in Algoa Bay, South Africa, when one of the animals came close to the boat knocking the patriarch in the water.

While recording a dolphin that hunts sardines, Marino Gherbaz’s daughter records the exact moment when her mouth waters for fishing, the tourist kills the boat and throws her father into the sea.

The episode took place at the beginning of the month on 3 April. In an interview with the Daily Mail, Gherian, the daughter of Gherbaz, stated that at first she could not understand what was going on, and believed that the impact could have been caused by the boat being hit by a stone.

But when looked around, the 22-year-old noticed the absence of his father and the presence of a whale near the vessel.

For a few moments, according to the British tabloid, passengers feared that the animal might have attacked a 51-year-old man, but he was rescued from another boat.

Despite the fear, whales usually feed on small marine life such as sardines and plankton and do not hunt large animals, let alone people.

They are known to accidentally swallow large organisms during hunting, such as birds.

According to Gillian, the dolphin was making a “bat ball” to attract sardines, which used the boat as protection. But, as the whale was also hungry, this pile went after the sardines, leaving the depths and thus reaching the boat.

Born in Gkeberha, also in South Africa, the Gherwabaz family said they were calm only to see that Marino was alright when he returned to the boat.

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