The woman saved the lion who ran away from the house by lifting it in her lap; Eye

Posted on 07/01/2022 21:58 / Updated on 07/01/2022 21:59

The environmental police were informed of the incident and immediately rushed to the scene – (Credit: Reproduction)

An unusual image in Sabahia, the southern region Kuwait, gained fame on social media. It is about a woman who, after running away from home, took her own lion to many streets. The animal kept by him as a pet ran away last Sunday (2/1). The Environment Police was informed about the incident and immediately reached the spot.

On the same day, the woman found the lion and needed help so that the kittens would not be taken captive. According to the local news site, local officials contributed to the process. al ambas,

In the video, the woman is seen clutching the animal under her front paw as the kitten struggles through the streets of Kuwait. After a few meters and looking weary, the woman put the pet down to rest.

Keeping exotic animals at home as pets or so-called “pets” is a popular phenomenon in many countries in the Persian Gulf region, including Kuwait. However, this is an illegal practice.

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