These are the easiest ways to update your WhatsApp (Android and iOS)

WhatsApp has brought a new update, which is causing controversy among users

it is necessary that WhatsApp always be up to dateSo that bugs can be fixed, new features can be used, and new application security barriers are available.

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In addition, older applications tend to have a lot of faults over time.

This means keeping the app up to date isn’t just because the platform wants to, it’s because your good experience using the app is a priority for developers, and interesting for the platform that wants to keep its users.

WhatsApp update helps prevent cybercriminal intrusions

Hackers are always looking for ways to break into certain apps. hey WhatsApp like Most used messaging app in the worldOne of the main goals is, because with a simple WhatsApp account attack, many things can be discovered by the attacker, apart from the attacks that can be made.

With each breach discovered by attackers, platform developers work doubly hard to destroy the flaw and create a new barrier.

That is, every time you use your old WhatsApp, you are vulnerable to losing both personal information and account access.

Here’s how to keep your app up to date

how to update your whatsapp on android

  • First go to Google Play on Android and type “WhatsApp” in the search field.
  • Click on the app and tap “Update”.

How to Update Your WhatsApp on iOS

  • Go to “App Store” and type “WhatsApp” in the search;
  • Select “WhatsApp Messenger”
  • Click “Update” below the application symbol.
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On both Android and iOS, if the “Update” option doesn’t appear, it means that your application has already been updated, without any action on your part. If you want more security, there is an option to enter a password on your WhatsApp.

Enter Password on WhatsApp on Android

  • Open the app, tap on “three dots” and select “Settings” option;
  • Select “Account” and “Privacy”, then tap “Fingerprint Lock”;
  • Enable the option “Unlock with fingerprint” and select a password;
  • Decide how long the app should be blocked automatically.

set whatsapp password on iphone

  • Open the app and go to “Settings” and then “Account”;
  • Click “Privacy” and tap “Screen Lock”;
  • Select “Request Face ID” to enter the password;
  • Decide how long the app should be blocked automatically.

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