This crazy Harris pick doesn’t need a caption but still got a Genius One

Kamala Harris was standing in the rain, holding an umbrella in her hand.

US Senator Kamala Harris will not let her spirits soar due to light rain. The Democratic vice presidential nominee was filmed holding an umbrella while urging people to vote during an outdoor campaign in Florida. He grabbed the umbrella in one hand and managed to jiggle a little while it was raining – and a video of the moment is winning hearts on Twitter.

According to Mrs. Harris, 55, there was a doubleheader in Florida a few hours ago Florida politics. After speaking in Orlando, she headed to the rain-soaked Jacksonville for an outdoor, drive-in event. He was wearing his signature Converse Chuck Taylors when he spoke to voters, shielding himself from the constant rain.

“When we vote, we win,” Harris told a crowd at the event, according to the News website. Jacksonville.

The Democratic vice presidential candidate shared a picture of the event on social media with a talent caption.

“Whether it rains or shines, democracy does not wait for anyone,” he wrote.

The photo has garnered more than 1 million likes and thousands of comments on Twitter.

“This is a powerful photo! Great job future VP!” Written to a person in the comments section.

Another said, “Iconic,” while others shared such photos.

Meanwhile, a video of Kamla Harris dancing in the rain has also gone viral on social media. Among those who shared it was his sister Meena Harris, who wrote: “I am absolutely unable to dance to this video of Kamala Harris dancing in the chuck.”

Kamala Harris is the first black woman and the first Asian-American woman to be elected vice president of a major party in the US. His mother was from India and his father was from Jamaica.

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Earlier this month, he shared an old video snippet with Mindy Calling, Describe the three symptoms That you grew up in an Indian-American home.

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