Tik Tok clip reunites with Saudi after 39 years!

Tik Tok clip reunites with Saudi after 39 years!

In a story that was only told in a soap opera, 39 years ago for two Saudis hosting a lost man in their home, the incident took place after years for the photographer’s son to publish on social media platforms. was documented with a video camera.

“It was not taken into account that a meeting from 39 years ago would be reconstructed from the details of its documented events,” with this phrase, Fadl al-Buenain told al-Arabiya. Video clip on WhatsApp about a video of an interview with me 39 years ago, and it seems that in that video, which was published on the program Tik Tok, pictures of me and my brother Ali, God have mercy on him, And the story of this old video, which was filmed in 1983 AD in front of my father’s house in the Al-Omal neighborhood in Dammam, and the videographer Muhammad al-Ghamdi, and the filming time was 12 noon, and I Asim ibn Photographer Mohammed was surprised by al-Ghamdi.

filming story details

He added: The details of the shooting came when the photographer al-Ghamdi stopped his car in front of our house to ask us through Jubail, and we told him he was coming from Jeddah and was attending an event in Jubail city. was going to pick up. , but he lost his way and lost his way in Dammam, and he was tired of the long journey and should have welcomed us with him, and we host him, and at our insistence, my brother Ali, God be upon him. May pity, please honor our council at father’s house and drink coffee, and then he asked permission and we bid him farewell.

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He said: Before we left, we were afraid he would be lost again, or that hotels would not find empty rooms, so I asked him to sleep in my house, and as foreplay, I told him, “I am Afraid you will sleep in your car on the road tonight,” and then he was recording popular videos on various social communication platforms.

Al-Buenain continued the story: “He himself wanted to record the interview with us and film it with a video camera, and he insisted that I mention my name in the recording so that he would remember us with the days.” and he had what he wanted.”

Duties of reception and hospitality

And they said: What we did must have been done by someone, because it is the least of the duties of reception and hospitality, but the strange thing is that Asem al-Ghamdi, son of the pilot photographer, continued to publish this video In honor of the memory of his father, who preserved these beautiful memories that have appeared on a wide scale after 39 years, and after Umar Taweel, his father, my father and my brother Ali, may God have mercy on all of them . Far, and strangest of all, I wouldn’t have recognized myself if it weren’t for my voice recognition of my name in the interview.

Al-Bunain said the photographer’s son, after the video spread on social media, agreed on a date to meet him at our home.

While the photographer’s son Jassam al-Ghamdi told al-Arabiya.net: My father died in 2019, and he was among a bunch of tapes that his father filmed with his personal camera in the eighties . My brother was willing to transfer the photo. The contents of the tape in the digital system, and during this process he caught sight of this fleeting snapshot, and we knew nothing about that interview and its background, so my brother “Asim” decided to publish the video on his account. Thought of Tik Tok, hopefully it will reach the brother who appeared in the clip, and we didn’t expect great conversations and brothers Fadal’s sons communicated with us in a few hours, we are going through this communication after so many years. are happy with.

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He said: My father, may God have mercy on him, is a teacher of art education. He retired in 2010 and earned a bachelor’s degree in arts education from Umm al-Qura University. He studied plastic arts at the Capital Model Institute in Riyadh. He was also a plastic artist and photographer in addition to his work as a teacher.

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