Tower of London announces the disappearance of the famous crow

Tower of London announces the disappearance of the famous crow

The Tower of London, England announced that one of the famous “Queen’s Crows” had been missing for several weeks, raising concerns that she might be dead. The bird is associated with an old folk tale that states that if a total of six crows leave the site, “the British monarchy will collapse”.

However, the missing female crow, Merlin, is one of the seven crows available in the tower. This means that, fortunately for monarchical traditions, the other six predicted in the legend are still safe.

According to the Tower of London on the Tower, without much fanfare, there is no forecast that the bird will be replaced.

“However, over time, we hope that our breeding program will become a formidable challenge to continue a new puppy legacy. [de Merlina]”Explained the tower.

The institution also said that the bird began its position in 2007, the year it became the “undisputed ruler of perches”, considered the “Queen of the Tower”.

His Majesty, who is said to be “funny”, always returns to the rooms and shares a “magnificent close link” with the master of the birds and the master of the crows.

It is not uncommon for birds to go beyond the walls of the site, but since it was not Merlin’s custom to be gone for so long, the Royal Palace chose to confirm concerns about death.

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The Crows first arrived at the Tower of London during the reign of Charles II (1660–1685). Centuries later, under the leadership of Winston Churchill as British Prime Minister (1941–1945), the number had already fallen to just one bird; But Churchill ordered the herd to join at least six crows.

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