‘Tragic’ Trump Condemns Krebs’ Shooting as Press Campaign for Accounts US News

Donald Trump Opposition groups called for the beleagured PM to resign, but he was not immediately available for comment. He was sentenced to life in prison for plotting to overthrow President Joe Biden in a bid to reverse his victory.

The presidential campaign team has been pushing for accounts and scrutiny in battlefield states where Biden has already been declared the winner, including a new request for a partial recount in Wisconsin.

And his decision sparked an uproar late Tuesday night, with a tweet announcing the dismissal of a federal official in charge of election security who dismissed allegations of widespread voter fraud.

Adam Schiff, a senior Democrat in the House, said the shooting by Christopher Krebs, director of the Cybersecurity and Basic Security Agency’s lead agency, was “pathetic and predictable from a president who sees the truth as his enemy.” Adam Schiff said.

Officials have announced a November 3 contest between Trump and Biden The safest American choice Ever.

On Tuesday, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court Deal with a shock In one state, Trump’s efforts were won by Biden, who won by nearly 73,000 votes, saying the authorities had not wrongly prevented Trump’s campaign from seeing the number of mail-in ballots, as the president has claimed.

In another lawsuit, led by former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani in federal state court, which Not a case debate The campaign has accused Democrats of plotting to steal the election nationwide since he was a lawyer in federal court in the early 1990s. No such evidence has emerged in the two weeks since the polls closed.

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The Democratic Pennsylvania Secretary of State, Philadelphia, and several county lawyers said Trump’s campaign arguments had no constitutional basis or were unclear with the state’s Supreme Court ruling.

He called on U.S. District Judge Matthew B. Brain to dismiss the case, calling the allegations “the best, without gardening, a variety of irregularities.”

The next day, Trump’s campaign called for a partial recount in Wisconsin, which Biden won by nearly 20,000 votes, while in Georgia, which Democrats won by about 15,000, the one-handed count continued. Towards the deadline of midnight.

CNN has declared Biden the winner in Georgia for one.

No state was likely to be overthrown – and if they did, their combined 26 election votes would not be enough to keep them in the White House, another reversal in Pennsylvania, a big prize with 20 votes, and equal Is unlikely. Received.

Biden won the election college 306-232, the same margin as Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016, a victory that forced her to call for an earthquake. Candidates need 270 electoral college votes to win. Trump is also fighting in Nevada.

Refusing to accept, Trump is in the process of making changes, including funding, to make Biden his administration, even in the U.S. Between the growth of a coronavirus.

Announcing the request for an account in Wisconsin, Jim Tropis, Trump’s campaign adviser, said in a statement: Sadly, the consistency of the election results cannot be relied upon without consistent implementation of recounts and Wisconsin absentee ballot requirements in these two counties. ”

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The Wisconsin Election Commission has confirmed that it received 3 3 million from Trump’s campaign to count it incomplete.

There will be a whole number Allegedly The price is about 8m. Trump continues to solicit donations for recount efforts, although this has been widespread Reported The same amount is being used to repay and stock the campaign debt A Political Action Committee The White House was formed to tighten Trump’s grip on the Republican Party after he was forced to leave the party in January.

Trump’s allegations of widespread electoral fraud have been dismissed as baseless by officials from both parties and mainstream observers, as all attempts to block Biden’s victory march have failed.

In Michigan, Republican officials Baked down Wayne County, a vast, majority African-American county that includes Detroit, amid calls for horrific racism after threatening to block the validity of the results. Trump praised his blockade attempt on Twitter.

After being called for a possible winner in a state, as in the case of the Associated Press, the results are still to be officially certified by state officials.

Biden won Michigan by nearly 346,000 votes.

Dave Weisserman, editor of the US House of Representatives’ non-partisan Cook political report, Said“Now is the time to start calling these baseless conspiracies what they are: the stupid attacks on more than 500,000 militant election workers and election administrators in every corner of the United States, which led to record-breaking riots and a global pandemic. A successful selection between. ”

He also resisted the president’s decision to fire Krebs, a federal appointment of his own.

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In a statement last week, Crabs’ agency lead said: “The November 3 election was the safest in US history. There is no evidence that any voting system removed or lost votes, changed votes or compromised in any way. ”

In that Tweet Dismissing Krebs, Trump claimed that the statement was “very wrong.”

Schiff, chairman of the Democratic House Intelligence Committee, Called The firing was “pitiful and predictable by a president who considers the truth to be his enemy.”

Angus King, an independent Maine senator, Said: “Because of the firing [Krebs] To do his job, President Trump is hurting all Americans. ”

Krebs says: “Honored to serve. We did it right. Save today, save tomorrow. # Protect 2020

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