Trump Coronavirus Live: Latest Updates as President Mourn for ‘Crazy’ Drive Outside Hospital

Trump Coronavirus Live: Latest Updates as President Mourn for 'Crazy' Drive Outside Hospital
US President Donald Trump appeared in a motorcade on Sunday despite the diagnosis

Among those who attacked the US president – who claimed to have “learned a lot about Covid” after being admitted to hospital – was James P. Phillips, a doctor at Walter Reed who said he endangered the lives of his participants. Was held responsible for

Meanwhile, the White House has released two new photos of Mr. Trump, the second being just close to the first, which raises further questions about the accuracy of the 74-year-old’s briefing.

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Trump cut the lines of the All-Caps tweet just before 7 p.m.

Er, nurse? Are you sure he is OK?

Joe Somerlad5 October 2020 12:00


Doctors say the president taking dexamethasone is a ‘big red flag’ and show that his case could be serious, doctors say

However, Trump himself is showing more evidence of his strong health by tweeting in the All-Caps this morning.

… MSNBC’s medical letter persuader, Dr. John Torres argued on Sunday: “Actually they start it with dexamethasone. One big red flag for me is that there’s something else going on that we’re hearing about.”

Gino Spochia is at the forefront of the ongoing problem of how to trust Trump’s health.

Joe Somerlad5 October 2020 11:39


Biden’s adviser says none of Trump’s campaigns have crossed the cove

“No, we didn’t hear it from the Trump campaign or the White House,” he replied.

But the reality is that Vice President Biden was not exposed. According to CDC guidelines, you – less than six feet – is dangerous. Vice President Biden was always more than six feet away from President Trump. ”

He also said that given the current situation, his candidate is still planning to take part in the second presidential debate on October 15.

Andrew N. Natty has this report.

Joe Somerlad5 October 2020 10:20


Biden is running in the election after the election turmoil

In a new poll, held after the first presidential debate, but before Trump’s announcement of Covid-19, the Democratic nominee increased his national lead by a margin of two to one.

According to an NBC News / Wall Street Journal poll of registered voters, the candidate now leads the presidency with 14 points, 53 to 39 percent, ahead of the eight-point lead in the debate.

Justin Vallejo on what it all means to this most amazing of the Octobers.

Joe Somerlad5 October 2020 09:59


Officials warn that Trump’s hospitalization will only hamper the campaign if it needs to be boosted in October.

“Every time we talk about coronavirus, it’s not helpful,” a senior administration aide told the Washington Post.

Good luck with that friend.

The race is set to intensify next month, whether Trump recovers soon or not.

Joe Somerlad5 October 2020 09:44


Trump’s adviser urges President to “follow all protocols”

Anchor Anna Cabrera declined to accept Miller’s argument that Trump took it seriously, insisting that the president was annoyed by months of masks and social distances during his rallies. Did.

Miller also appeared on ABC this week Yesterday, Biden’s deputy campaign manager, Kate Beddingfield, was fired for allegedly wearing a mask as “a prop.”

Joe Somerlad5 October 2020 09:38


Questions were raised over the latest White House photo release

Trump’s staff, meanwhile, has released two new photos of the president “at work” in Walter Reed to promote peace – but the fact that the second is only close to the first raises further questions about the accuracy of the 74-year-old. Being given on.

On Saturday, the White House doctor, Dr. Sean Conley gave a briefing in which he violated the time when the president tested positive for the first time and gave a happier assessment of his health to a pool of reporters given by Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.

Oliver O’Connell is up against pressure from Walter Reed Medicos to clean up with the American public in the face of the pressure of Trump’s campaign, so that campaigners do not dispel the myth of his “powerful” personality.

Joe Somerlad5 October 2020 08:54


Biden’s aide attacks Trump over “disastrous” pro-government video

An adviser to Joe Biden on Friday lashed out at the president for claiming he understood the coronavirus after he was hospitalized.

Joe Somerlad5 October 2020 09:10


The president claims to have “learned a lot about Kovid” in the new video

Trump gave an optimistic tone in his latest address to his followers on social media last night, shooting in front of a motorcade stunt.

“It was a very interesting journey. I learned a lot about Kovid, “he said. “I really learned this by going to school. This is the real school. This is not the ‘read books’ school.

“And I get it, and I understand it, and it’s a very interesting thing, and I’m going to tell you about it.”

This is the report of Matt Mathews.

Joe Somerlad5 October 2020 08:44


Trump’s motorcade stunt was labeled “irresponsible” by Dr. Walter Reed

Donald Trump has been widely condemned on Sunday for his “irresponsible” campaign to rally his supporters outside Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, where he is being treated for a coronavirus infection.

Unable to resist the limelight draw despite being ill, the president asked Secret Service Dawn PPE to drive him out of the facility. So that he could express his gratitude to those who had gathered outside to pray for him and wish him well (believers in the troubled QAnon conspiracy theory among their numbers).

Dr. James P. Phillips, a physician from Walter Reed, was among those who attacked the US President on the motorscade stunt, who was responsible for endangering the lives of the participants.

This is the report of Justin Vallejo.

Joe Somerlad5 October 2020 08:41

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