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We are less than two weeks away from the US election, and we are still seeing legal disputes over procedures in many states.

Jonathan Drew and Brian Anderson are watching the process inside North Carolina For the Associated Press, and found that thousands of voters are running out of time to correct absentee voting mistakes.

The court battles had sent the ballot process back to deficit from October 4 until the state issued a new guideline on Monday. State and federal judges temporarily freeze key parts of the proceedings between this trial and what to do with ballots that lack witness signatures and other information.

State and county officials work late into the night, he said It will take several days to notify at least 10,000 voters who found the problem.

A skyrocketing landscape emerged the day after the new rules were announced: some counties said they had given up everything, but others said they had not yet been contacted.

In Durham, Stephanie Preto, a 24-year-old unidentified voter, was shocked Tuesday afternoon when a reporter told her she had incomplete information about her voting testimony. The state’s database did not specify what was missing, but if his ballot did not have the signatures of witnesses, he would have to provide another.

“It’s a kind of concern,” he said, referring to the prospect of a new ballot in the run-up to the election.

Preto, a part-time home health addict who voted Joe Biden, Said his mother saw his vote, and sent it on October 6.

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“He was right with me,” Preto said of casting his vote. “He signed and, you know, we’ve filled everything. That should be fine. ”
The Durham County Electoral Director did not respond to an AP email seeking comment.

The North Carolina State Board of Elections said as of Monday, there were various shortcomings in about 10,000 ballots across the state. But that number could be higher because counties were instructed not to enter faulty ballots into state-level databases during freezes when handling deficient ballots. During the two-week freeze, voters were not contacted about ballot errors.

Board Executive Director Karen Brinson Bell said it would take days for counties to enter the backlog of belt shortcomings in the system, to provide a complete picture of how many there are across the state. However, Bell said she expects early next week that “those voters should have their materials in hand and be able to return them.”

Tuesday afternoon, North Carolina had more than 200,000 early votes, including more than 600,000 by mail..

State law requires absentee voters to testify to vote for another adult and to sign and print their name on an outer envelope. A federal judge ruled last week that voters need to restart the process for an absentee ballot that lacks witness signatures and has been called to testify again.

Absentee ballots may be returned or returned manually to county election boards or early voting sites. Or they can vote individually instead.

Meanwhile, a federal appeals court ruled in his favor on Tuesday night North Carolina may accept absentee ballots that are marked by election day for more than a week.. The November 12 deadline for witnesses to reach the ballot on county boards was barred from fighting the same legal battle.

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North Carolina won Donald Trump In the year 2016 by 66. and66%, and will be one of the groundbreaking that says Joe Biden The goal is to win on November 3.

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