Trump says Harry Harris as president will be a “terrible thing” for the United States and the United States

Trump says Harry Harris as president will be a “terrible thing” for the United States and the United States

Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Senator Kamala Harris’s becoming president of the United States would be a “terrible thing” for both the country and both countries, President Donald Trump said Tuesday, as Americans voted in the most bitter bitter presidential election of decades. Trump, 74, is seeking re-election. He is facing the toughest election battle of his life by Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, 77, and his current ally Harris, 56. He is leading in the polls.

The Republican leader said the United States would never be the same if Biden-Harris won the ticket. “Our country can never be the same if they win, because they are radical leftists,” Trump said when he launched a scathing attack on Harris. “Biden will never call a shot and if he does, he won’t last long. He has a vice president who is left behind (Senator) Bernie Sanders, who is not a special person and he will be, I think, a terrible first representative, “Trump alleged.

“If she becomes the first woman president, I think it will be a terrible thing for our country,” she said. I think it will be a terrible thing for women. ” Harris is, for the first time, an Indo-American, black and African-American running for vice president of a major political party. If elected, she would break another glass ceiling and be just one step away from becoming the country’s president. In that case, she would be the country’s first female president.

“I look forward to being the first woman president,” Trump said in response to a question. “But I wouldn’t expect that to be the case. I think that would be a very bad thing. I think you would have a country that would have become a socialist country, it would have been very terrible if they had run the courts. Thing, “said the President. Trump reiterated that Biden is beyond his prime and that he is going through a difficult time with the Democratic left, which has taken over the party. “It’s a difficult group and they will take the country to a terrible place. But Joe is having problems. He will not be able to handle them,” he claimed.

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“Joe is having a very difficult time. Joe Biden is not prime time. He never really was. But he wasn’t prime time. And he put you in a very difficult situation. That’s what – he shouldn’t be – when he says he is – he’s a proud Democrat running for the US Senate and, you know, at first I thought he was joking. But he wasn’t joking. He did it a number “many times,” he said, referring to a lot of gaffs by Biden.


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