Trump tax update report: President alleges he paid only 7 750 in 2016

Trump tax update report: President alleges he paid only 7 750 in 2016
US President Donald Trump’s report on Sunday’s bombing cuts tax returns

Donald Trump laughed at the “laughs” of the “stupid IRS”, his former lawyer Michael Cohen said, because he was hit by a bomb sheller report by the president. ਨਿ. The York Times Revealing that he paid only 50,750 in federal income tax in 2016 and none in 10 in the last 15 years.

The investigation also alleges that the president paid his daughter Ivanka Trump in return for a “consultation fee”, presided over a failed estate empire and repaid a 100-meter mortgage on the Trump Tower. The full charge of facing 2022 has been made.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden responded with a difficult campaign comparing the president’s low tax returns to those of ordinary voters because Trump was ridiculed as a “freeloader-in-chief” presiding over a “graffiti presidency.” Was done.

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Biden campaign to capitalize on NYT Trump tax story with new ads, website

The Biden campaign was ready to go after a few hours with aggressive advertising ਨਿ. The York Times Trump threw his story on tax returns on Sunday night.

Less than 24 hours later, the campaign launched the “Trump Tax Calculator” website, which shows that someone has paid more or less federal income tax than the president. Play below:

This is the same theme as the ad tweeted by Biden and his campaign on Sunday, which compares the income breast tax of various jobs with the figure of $ 750 estimated by NYT.

Justin VallejoSeptember 28, 2020 19:52


‘What he says is a lie’ CDC director blasts Trump’s new Kovid Tsar

Dr. Robert Redfield, Scott Atlas, was voicing his concern about the president’s new minute coronavirus adviser, which has raised concerns that Dr. Anthony Fossey and Drs.

“Everything he says is a lie,” the CDC director said NBC News Flights from Atlanta to Washington DC On a commercial flight.

Mr. Redfield confirmed to NBC News that he was talking about Mr. Atlas, who was added to the White House task force in August.

In a follow-up statement, the CDC said NBC was reporting one aspect of a private conversation.

Dr. Radfield was having a private discussion about many of the points he made about COVID-19 in public. ”

Justin VallejoSeptember 28, 2020 19:27


Video: Trump campaign manager Brad Parcel nabbed by police, 10 guns seized from his home

According to the latest news from outside Florida, Fort Lauderdale police seized 10 guns from Brad Parscal’s home when his wife told him he had loaded a handgun during an argument.

This comes after a new police video of the arrest was dramatically released online.

Citing newly released police reports, Miami Herald Ms Parscal’s wife told authorities she was injured in the argument, saying her husband had suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and had become violent in recent weeks.

“Speaking to Candice [sic] “Parascal, I saw that he had a lot of big ideas on both his arms, his cheeks and his forehead,” wrote detective Steven Smith. “When I asked him how he was injured, Candace Parscale said Brad Parcel kills him.”

Police reportedly removed two shotguns, two rifles, a .22 caliber revolver and five handguns, according to the Herald, after Mr. Parskell was handcuffed and handcuffed by police on Sunday.

Sergeant Matthew Mo Moseri wrote, “I started descending with a double leg,” noting that a 6-foot-8-inch parcel broke over him and he ignored the descending orders.

Watch the full video below:

Justin VallejoSeptember 28, 2020 19:31


‘Similar to Playbook 2016’ – White House responds to NYT’s tax return story

Asked what he made of the timing of the report, which came a day before the first debate, the White House press secretary told Fox and Friends on Monday that it was a familiar tune from the 2016 songbook. .

“We’ve seen this game before, where there was a hit piece about the president’s taxes before the debate, which was a mistake,” Ms. McKennie said.

“This is the same playbook that is in 2016 and the same playbook that the American people have rejected and will do again.”

On Twitter, Trump himself claimed that he could finally issue an “impressive” financial statement that contradicted the newspaper’s findings.

Independent ‘S. Chris Riota has this report on the President’s tumultuous reaction on Monday morning.

Justin VallejoSeptember 28, 2020 19:26


BREAKING: One million Americans have already cast 2020 votes in the ‘historic’ early voting

More than one million Americans have already cast their ballots in the 2020 presidential election, the most in the history of the race.

According to election observers, the state has seen unprecedented growth in new laws designed to help people vote safely during the coronavirus epidemic. But the figures suggest more than just the general electorate’s interest in the most controversial and polarizing election of generations.

“We have never seen so many people vote before the presidential election. Explained Michael MacDonald, a professor of political science at the University of Florida Independent.

Richard Hall follows the story as it unfolds.

Justin VallejoSeptember 28, 2020 19:21


Debate: Body language experts explain what to look for during Trump and Biden

Presidential debate on health guidelines and restrictions during the Covid-19 epidemic is a difficult expectation, as body language experts and election analysts spend weeks discussing how candidates shake hands and interact with the camera.

On September 29, Donald Trump and Joe Biden, two men whose different physical movements and gestures have been extensively investigated throughout their careers, will appear together in their planned three debates during a program at Ohio Case University.

Mr. Trump – who largely avoids eye contact, interrupts other speakers and shakes hands – dismisses the large crowd off with unorganized remarks and has spent the past several weeks in front of thousands of supporters. Ignore health guidelines, focus and repeat both idioms and attacks against opponents.

Mr Biden, meanwhile, addressed the epidemic in a reporting pool, mostly in-depth groups and commentary, which are also broadcast, and preached throughout the career by interacting with each other and speaking directly to the crowd. Is

Of independent Alex Woodward talks to body language expert Blanca Cobb about inactive gestures and ‘tells’ to keep an eye on the first argument.

Justin VallejoSeptember 28, 2020 17:35


Trump calls for probe into Minnesota voter fraud allegations

Missing out on the results of the NYT tax return story, the president on Monday called for an investigation into Minnesota’s significant war-torn state and allegations of ballot stuffing.

“We will win Minnesota because of him, and because of law enforcement. Minneapolis and Iron ਓ saved the border !. ”

Trump Project Varieties The investigation, which he apparently did Bretbert, Which allegedly linked the “Squad” to the Minnesota quarters with a cash-for-ballot racket targeting Somali immigrants.

A report from Sunday night showing Liban Mohammed, the brother of Minneapolis City Council member Jamal Osman, said he had hundreds of ballots in his car and that “today we received 300 for Jamal Osman.”

“I have 300 belts in my car right now. … numbers don’t lie. You can see my car is full. These are all absent belts here. Look, these are all for Jamal Usman. ”

Although Mohammed has denied the allegations in a statement issued Friday stating “Similar, baseless allegations concerning Omar’s case have been made more than once. The report states that Omar Wesler was raped by Omar Jamal, who said his wife’s belt was cut off.

“They [Ilhan Omar] They will do whatever they can to get elected and they [Ilhan Omar] Hundreds of people are doing this on the streets, “said Jamal.

Justin VallejoSeptember 28, 2020 17:26


‘We might see some surprises from Amy Connie Barrett.’

For Indie sounds, Case R. Sunstein makes difficult case for Trump’s Supreme Court nominee.

Joe SomerladSeptember 28, 2020 16:45


Trump campaign blames Democrats for Brad Parscale hospitalization

As I mentioned earlier, the former President’s 2020 re-election guru has been taken to a hospital in Fort Lauderdale, Florida after allegedly threatening to kill himself.

Rather than take any responsibility for the presidency after Parskell was shot in June, campaign spokesman Tim Murtoh says Democrats are responsible.

“Hateful, personal attacks by Democrats and angry RINOs [Republicans In Name Only] They have gone too far, and should be ashamed of themselves for what they did to this man and his family, “he said in a statement.

Rory Sullivan has this report.

Joe SomerladSeptember 28, 2020 14:30


CDC chief condemns Trump’s coronavirus adviser in leaked phone call

Dr. In a call heard by NBC, Robert Redfield spoke about the president’s new favorite. “It’s all a lie,” Scott allegedly said of Atlas.

Matt Mathews has this one.

Joe SomerladSeptember 28, 2020 15:15

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