Two women hospitalized even after the attack, causing outrage in China

Two women hospitalized even after the attack, causing outrage in China

hey Hebei province’s public security department said it was investigating the incidents and the lengthy response to “serious violations of law and discipline” by police in the city of Tangshan, some 150 kilometers east of Beijing.

Aggression and public outcry have reshaped the debate on abuse and mistreatment of women. in China.

The video of the attack has been viewed more than 68 million times.

According to officials in Hebei, police arrived at the scene 28 minutes after being called. The deputy chief of the Lubei branch of the Tangshan Police responsible for the initial handling of the case was removed from his post, although the statement did not detail the reason.

The footage shows one of the men approaching the table, where three women are seated, and placing his hand on a woman’s back. The woman asked him what he wanted, before shouting “You’re sick” and licking her hand.

Then the man hit the woman in the face, which started the fight. The initial prey is dragged by the hair. A group of men eating out join the attack, the women being beaten up with chairs and beer bottles.

Two women were admitted to the hospital.

The next day nine suspects were arrested. In recent days, rumors have circulated on social media that at least one woman has been killed, but a statement from the Hebei Public Security Department appears to refute this information.

The statement said the condition of both women was improving and had suffered “minor second degree injuries”. The other two women suffered minor injuries and were not admitted to the hospital, the statement said.

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After the attack, reports emerged about organized crime in Tangshan and alleged links between police and criminal groups. The investigation was transferred to the police in another jurisdiction, Langfang City, which is also in Hebei province.

Hebei province’s anti-corruption body said today that five police officers are under investigation, including the head of the Lubei branch in Tangshan and at least two others from a local police station.

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