UK: Government may hire foreign butchers to avoid sausage shortage at Christmas World

UK: Government may hire foreign butchers to avoid sausage shortage at Christmas  World

hey United Kingdom To avoid a shortage of some traditional dishes this Christmas, the federation representing the region is warned this Friday (1) that it needs 15,000 butchers, such as “Pig in a Blanket” Sausage wrapped in bacon. This dish is a part of Christmas dinner and is very popular among the British.

A spokesman for the British Association of Meat Processors told The Times that the manpower shortage resulting from the pandemic and Brexit – the country’s exit from the European Union – forces the region to supply supermarkets with only basic cuts.

“We should have started producing Christmas food in June or July, but we haven’t yet,” he warned, adding that “there will be a shortage of products for the holidays.”

According to The Times, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government is looking to ease immigration conditions to grant work visas to 1,000 foreign butchers in an effort to avoid shortages.

Illustrated image of a butcher shop window in an undated photo – Photo: Federico Arnabaldi/Pexels

There is also a shortage of truck drivers causing fuel supply problems A few weeks ago, there were long lines at gas stations and delivery delays in many areas in recent days.

Supermarkets, fast-food chains and bars are also being affected, and labor shortages in production could exacerbate the problem.

The Ministry of Environment and Food announced that the executive “continues to work closely” with the swine sector to explore alternatives that allow it to withstand the current pressures.

Faced with the risk of seeing empty stores at Christmas, Johnson has already decided to grant about 10,000 three-month work visas to truck drivers by the end of the year. This measure will involve workers from some other important sectors like poultry farms.

Stations suffer from fuel shortage

Asked by The Times about visas for butchers, the Interior Ministry said that “other countries in the world face similar challenges” and that it prefers that “employers stay for long periods of time rather than relying on labor”. Invest the time in the British national workforce. Overseas work”.

Last Thursday (30), the PRA Association said British gas stations are suffering from fuel shortages, contrary to the government’s claims. According to officials, the distress created last week by motorists worried about fuel shortage is easing.

On Thursdays it was still possible to find long lines at service stations, especially in London and southern England. (Even because of misunderstandings, watch the video below). Army drivers are expected to mobilize in the coming days to help mitigate the crisis.

Britons fight in lines at gas stations amid national shortage

Britons fight in lines at gas stations amid national shortage

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