UK issues precautionary advice on Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine after two allergic reactions – World News

UK issues precautionary advice on Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine after two allergic reactions – World News

UK regulators have advised people with historically significant allergies not to get Pfizer-Biontech vaccine against coronavirus disease (Covid-19). The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) issued a precautionary advice to the National Health Service (NHS) after two members of the healthcare staff experienced allergic reactions.

NHS England confirmed that both staff members have a significant history of allergic reactions to the extent that they need to have an adrenaline auto-injector with them. Shortly after the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine was given to two staff members, they developed symptoms of an “anaphylactoid reaction.” The British media reported that he was currently recovering from a miscarriage.

The MHRA recommends that people with allergies to such important allergens, foods or vaccines should not be vaccinated. MHRA Chief Executive Dr. June Rhine testified before a parliamentary committee Wednesday, admitting that cases of allergic reactions were not included in the extensive clinical trials.

“We know from very extensive clinical trials that this was not a feature. But if we need to strengthen our advice while we have experienced this in a vulnerable population – groups have been selected as a priority – we get to the advice area immediately, ”said Dr.

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On Tuesday, the UK introduced the Covid-19 vaccine, developed by Pfizer and Biotech, making it the first Western country to vaccinate its general population. Margaret Keenan, a 90-year-old British grandmother, became the first person in the world to receive a Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine out of a trial.

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The Data Monitoring Committee has not reported any serious safety concerns related to the Phase 3 trial of the Pfizer vaccine. It reported some cases of fatigue and headaches after the volunteers received a second dose of the vaccine.

Pfizer said in a statement: “After the first or second dose, fatigue was 3.8% and headache was 2.0%, with a single grade 3 (severe) frequency of more than 2% or equivalent adverse events,” Pfizer said in a statement. Said in the statement.

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