UK lockdown: The UK considers a second Covid-19 lockdown when the outbreak spreads. World News

UK lockdown: The UK considers a second Covid-19 lockdown when the outbreak spreads.  World News
London: The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson A second national lockout was considered as a boom on Monday Coronavirus The outbreak threatens to erode any results of economic reform and send millions back into isolation.
United Kingdom Europe already has the largest official Covid-19 death toll – and the fifth-highest in the world – while borrowing a record amount in an attempt to pump emergency money through a deteriorating economy.
But the new Covid-19 cases are growing at least 6,000 per day BritainAccording to week-old figures, hospital admissions are doubling every eight days, and the screening system is shaking.
Chris Whitty, the government’s chief medical officer, said Monday that 1,000 GMT “The trend in the UK is going in the wrong direction and we are at a critical point in the epidemic,” he said.
Johnson is scheduled to speak Tuesday.
Health Secretary Matt Hancock said restrictions would be different than last time: the government wants to stop socialization but schools and many workplaces will remain open.
“If we have to take action, it will be different than last time and we have learned a great deal about how to deal with the virus,” he told ITV.
“There are no schools where there is a lot of communication, it’s more about people being social,” he said.
Asked about Christmas and if people would be able to hug their relatives, he said he wanted it to be the most common.
“If it gets out of hand now, we’ll have to take drastic steps in the future,” Hancock said.
The official death toll in the UK is 41,777.
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