UN consults Brazil on receiving Haitian camps at US-Mexico border, agency says World

UN consults Brazil on receiving Haitian camps at US-Mexico border, agency says  World

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has formally consulted with Brazil to find out whether the country can receive some Haitians who are camping at the border. America this is MexicoAccording to Reuters news agency.

Without mentioning the request of the IOM – the migration arm of the United Nations – Itamarti said in a note that “the issue was addressed in talks between the authorities of several countries and is being analyzed in the light of current legislation”. ”

The IOM request comes at a time when the US President, Joe Biden, is facing mounting pressure to solve another migration crisis, with thousands of Haitians trying to enter the country illegally.

They have congregated under a bridge in Texas, north of the Rio Grande and near the Mexican border, But the US government started deporting them back To Haiti.

About 12,000 Haitians are expected to be evacuated from the US A crisis that has already provided shocking scenes such as agents “hunting down” immigrants on horseback. (see photo above and video below).

United States begins deporting hundreds of Haitian immigrants

US Special Envoy to Haiti Daniel Foote resigned on Thursday (23), two months after his appointment because of the crisis. (watch video below).

In a letter, the State Department special envoy condemned the Biden government-in-exile, saying: “I will not associate myself with dehumanizing and unfavorable judgment”.

Who can be sent to Brazil

Two sources told Reuters the IOM has asked Brazil to receive Haitians who have Brazilian children or who have passed through Brazil before entering Mexico. He says that the chances of the first order being approved are high.

When contacted, the IOM said, through its Mexican office, that it has “a voluntary return program that helps immigrants of various nationalities.” Without giving further details, the organization said that “implementation of this program requires an agreement between the countries involved”.

Haitian immigrants gather under a bridge in the state of Texas near the US-Mexico border, in another migration crisis of government Joe Biden – Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo

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