Upon checking the insisting horn, the teacher finds a bear in the car

Upon checking the insisting horn, the teacher finds a bear in the car

Earlier this week, a teacher was shocked to see her car’s insistent horn. The woman, identified as Mary Jane Yarbrough, was on her way to Tennessee for a project at her school and parked her vehicle in front of the residence where she was staying.

Shortly after getting up at around 6 in the morning, he could hear the sound coming from the car and on his way out he saw his dog barking towards the vehicle, which was trembling. In an interview to local media, Mary said that at first she thought someone was trapped inside the car, which was not locked. But when he called the police, he came to know that the intruder was actually a black bear.

Agents managed to get him out of the vehicle without injury, but not without harm to the teacher, who shared a video of the animal on his social network.

“He tore the dashboard, my airbag, the radio out, he rummaged through my glove compartment,” Mary elaborated.

The Tennessee Wildlife Aid Agency has issued a statement Facebook Recommending that residents of the state keep their car doors closed, especially if there is food inside the vehicle, as the smell can attract animals.

In the case of the teacher, she kept a protein bar in the car.

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