US considers diplomatic coordination with North Korea to address nuclear issues

US considers diplomatic coordination with North Korea to address nuclear issues

Government of America Considers connecting with North Korea, Diplomat, to address the end of nuclear activities in the region, said the press secretary of white House, Jane saki, This Wednesday (7).

“We have a clear objective in relation to North Korea, it is nuclearization,” Saeki said.

A US government spokesman said at a press conference that the US would continue to enforce sanctions against the North Korean regime, but that it was in contact with allied countries in the region to try to open diplomatic relations with Pyongyang.

director Joe Biden Has avoided commenting on the subject as his office is reviewing the approach to closer ties with North Korea initiated during the Trump administration.

Donald Trump met with dictator Kim Jong-un three times. Along with the meetings, the nuclear program was temporarily suspended, as well as missile launches.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump during a meeting in South Korea’s Panmunjom in June 2019

Earlier this month, officials in the US, Japan and South Korea Attended a closed meeting To discuss the new US government policy for North Korea.

It was the first meeting between these three colleagues after which Joe Biden took office. In late March, North Korea again fired missiles.

The government of North Korea is trying to end international sanctions imposed in response to its weapons program.

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