US ‘CPI’ unveils audio in which Ivanka says she doesn’t believe her father Donald Trump’s election statements and reacts. World

US 'CPI' unveils audio in which Ivanka says she doesn't believe her father Donald Trump's election statements and reacts.  World

Ivanka Trump His father, the former president, was out of electoral affairs after the 2020 US presidential election. Donald Trump This Friday (10), after the exhibition of a statement in which She says she didn’t believe Trump’s election fraud allegations,

A type of Congressional Inquiry Committee (CPI) of the US Congress probing January 6, 2021, broadcast a recorded testimony of the attack on the Capitol on Thursday, in which Ivanka Trump He said he does not believe Trump’s false claims that the 2020 presidential election was stolen.

In a post Friday on social media platform Truth Social, Trump tried to downplay his daughter’s involvement in efforts to contest the election results. Ivanka Trump She was one of her father’s closest aides during his four years in the White House.

Trump accused of coup attempt

,Ivanka Trump was not involved in observing or studying election results. She had already left and was trying to respect Bill Barr and her position as attorney general, in my opinion (they sucked!),” Trump said.

Trump referred to Ivanka’s video testimony taken in April, in which she says she believes then-Attorney General William Barr’s assessment that there was no significant evidence of fraud during the election.

“I respect Attorney General (William) Barr. So I accepted what he said,” he said. Ivanka Trump Congressional investigators.

Over 19 Million Views

According to the “New York Times”, the first hearing of the ‘CPI’ was watched by more than 19 million people.

The data is preliminary.

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