US defense and diplomats to visit India India News

US defense and diplomats to visit India  India News
Washington: US Secretary of Defense Mark Asper He announced on Tuesday that he and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo would visit India next week to strengthen the two countries’ alliance in the face of China’s strategic challenge.
Addressing the Atlantic Council, Asper said, “In this century, for us in the Indo-Pacific, of course, India will be our most productive partner. ”
He said his visit was part of a broader US initiative for renewed development against Russian and Chinese efforts to strengthen the old alliance and build its own global power network.
According to reports, the talks in New Delhi could cover the growing intelligence alliance.
This Indian and Chinese troops The disputed Himalayan border region remained blocked after clashes.
“India is the largest democracy in the world, a very capable country with very skilled people, and they face Chinese aggression in the Himalayas every day,” Asper said of India.
Asper’s remarks also prompted Australia to announce next month that it would take part in a large-scale military exercise off the coast of India alongside the Malabar Maritime Exercise, India, the United States and Japan.
Last November, the United States held its first bilateral air, land and sea exercise with India.
In July, the aircraft carrier SUS Nimitz also conducted exercises with the Indian Navy.
Asper said the two countries also opened a cyber defense dialogue last month.
He said his and Pompeo’s meetings with their Indian counterparts would highlight the need for closer cooperation on challenges in the Indo-Pacific region, where China is building its presence.
“Together these efforts will strengthen what could be the most productive partnership of the 21st century.”

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