US military ship fires 30 warning shots after meeting with Iranian ships

US military ship fires 30 warning shots after meeting with Iranian ships

A US Coast Guard ship fired about 30 warning shots after 13 Navy ships from the Islamic Revolutionary Guardian Corps (IRGC).

The Pentagon confirmed the information on Monday (10) and Published In Reuters. This is the second time in a while that US military ships have to fire warning shots at Iranian ships.

US military charged ” Iran’s unsafe behavior In the area “. For Pentagon spokesman John Kirby, warning shots were fired after the shootout Iranian speedboat arrived 150 yards (450 ft) from six US military ships, including the USS Monterey, which survived the guided submarine Georgia submarine.

“it’s important […] And they were acting very aggressively, “he said, adding that the number of Iranian ships was high in similar episodes in April.

Spokesperson comments Mention of an incident in April, When a US military ship fired warning shots after three IRGC ships encountered another patrol boat in the Persian Gulf.

Conversation in Vienna

Monday’s incident occurred amid talks by world powers and Iran to accelerate efforts to bring Washington and Tehran back in compliance with the 2015 nuclear deal.

US officials returned to Vienna last week for the fourth round of indirect negotiations with Iran about resuming compliance with the agreement.

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