US Presidential Election 2020 Polls, List of Candidates, Date of Results, Latest News

US Presidential Election 2020 Polls, List of Candidates, Date of Results, Latest News

On September 25, 2020, people attended a campaign rally led by US President Donald Trump in Newport News, Virginia, USA.

Trump has vowed to end his country’s confidence in China once and for all, and expressed frustration that his post-corporate relationship with Beijing does not mean “alone” because he is from there. Will not forget the virus that came. PTI

Addressing an election rally in Newport, Virginia, Trump said the US economy was doing well, “then we fought the virus from China.” “They should never have let that happen. We will not forget it. We closed, saved the lives of millions. Now we have opened the records.”

Shortly after Trump signed a trade agreement with China, a coronavirus epidemic struck the United States, for which his administration had been negotiating with China for more than a year. The United States and China signed the first phase of a trade deal that ended two years of tariff wars that shook the global economy.

Trump refused to renew a trade deal with China in May. The United States on September 14 banned the import of five items from China, including computer parts, cotton and hair products, alleging that they were produced in labor camps in the Muslim-majority province of Xinjiang.

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