US-Russia summit may be the beginning of reconciliation between the two countries

US-Russia summit may be the beginning of reconciliation between the two countries

“Honest, candid and timely.” This is how Russian President Vladimir Putin saw talks with his American counterpart. The important thing for Joe Biden was talking face-to-face. In fact, approximation measures were announced, such as the return of ambassadors from both countries to their embassies, but only the next few months would be able to confirm this trend.

There were issues from many and different fields addressed by the presidents of the two largest nuclear powers in the world, but the conclusions announced at separately held press conferences were few (something that was previously agreed upon). Nevertheless, it seems that a reconciliation and serious talks have resumed during the summit.

The main progress is the return of Russian diplomats to Washington and the Americans to Moscow. The Russian cyber attack on Colonial Pipeline, a company that manages pipelines in the US, led to the expulsion of the Russian contingent from the United States and triggered a similar response from Moscow, prompting the withdrawal of both diplomatic units. Being imprisoned for “mere technical matters”, he is expected to return in the next few days.

Cyber ​​security was another pressing issue at the meeting and perhaps the most advanced, with commitments from both sides to create a working group to establish a “red line”. The US demands a list of 16 entities that must remain untouched, from power plants to water supply networks.

Still, the Russian president has denied any state involvement in the nearly 60 attacks the US has faced since 2020, even those launched from Russian territory. But, in Biden’s view, countries must be held accountable and act against attacks launched from their territory. and left the notice: “[Putin] Know that there will be consequences and I will act[se os ataques se repetirem]”.

Human rights are a matter of concern

Joe Biden cited Russian violations of human rights issues, such as the arrest of Putin’s main political rival, Alexei Navalny. When asked by reporters, the reply was brief and Putin only said that the opponent – whose name he refrained from mentioning – “sincerely violated the law”.

However, without putting forward an agreement, the Russian President also stated that discussions would be initiated regarding the exchange of American prisoners in Russia (two of whom are Marines) and Russian prisoners in the US, under the responsibility of the discussion. Foreigners from the US Ministry of Affairs and the Russian State Department.

The leaders of the two countries did not hold a joint press conference at the request of the White House and against the intentions of the Kremlin. The idea would be to deny Vladimir Putin another platform of expression and avoid the uncomfortable situations he registered with Donald Trump in Helsinki in 2017 that led the US president to block his secret services from going live.

The two leaders were received at the Villa La Grange by Lake Geneva by Swiss President Guy Parmelin, who welcomed them and wished “a fruitful conversation”.

The event was also marked by registered hostilities between press groups from the two countries, who fought for access to American and Russian leaders during the first minutes, leading to some exchange of words and capture of images or speeches. It became difficult to hear. , between the screams and the bumps.

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