US Supreme Court curtails government power to cut carbon emissions from power plants World

US Supreme Court curtails government power to cut carbon emissions from power plants  World

The US Supreme Court on Thursday issued a ruling that limits the powers of the US government to reduce carbon emissions from power plants.

The decision would, in practice, make much of the nation’s President Joe Biden’s plan to reduce global warming.,

by six votes to three – the same number of points of the decision as those who vote Constitutional right to abortion was revoked in the country And Expanding civilian access to weapons -, the magistrates decided to restrict the power of the Environmental Protection Agency, part of the US government.

The agency measures and regulates emissions of greenhouse gases at the nation’s power plants. The new decision reduces regulatory power, which jeopardizes Washington’s plans to reduce carbon emissions in the country.

Michael Bloomberg, former Mayor of New York and current UN Special Envoy on Climate Change. – Photo: Getty Images/BBC

UN Special Envoy for Climate Change Michael Bloomberg criticized the decision.

“This is the second time in a week that the Supreme Court has returned to dark times that have dangerous implications for public health. The decision to align pollutants against the public will harm Americans’ lives and with the greatest burden falling heavily, will cause avoidable suffering. On black and low-income communities,” Bloomberg said.

In recent days, conservative Supreme Court justices – three of them appointed by former President Donald Trump – have called for an overthrow of the country’s constitutional right to abortion, an increase in the carrying of guns by citizens in public places and the observance of rituals by public servants. have managed to increase independence. Religious in the workplace.

Thursday’s decision is also likely to limit the power of other regulatory agencies of the US government as it undermines the autonomy of those bodies to make “big decisions”.

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