Using Review Sites to Find Online Slot Sites: Our Top Tips

Using Review Sites to Find Online Slot Sites: Our Top Tips

There are so many sources for casino site reviews these days that it can get confusing. On top of that, not every review site will have the same opinion, which makes deciding on the best online slot sites with their help an even more confusing task! Which review site’s opinion should you trust? How do you know that any of their opinions can be trusted to begin with? Even if the review is unbiased, how do you know that the reviewer’s opinion of the particular slot game or website will align with yours? Let’s answer those questions and many more along the way, as we share tips on how to use review sites intelligently and find the best slot sites.

Check the About Us Section

On visiting a casino review site, the first thing that you should do is check their About Us section. As you should only be playing at licensed and regulated slot sites, a look through the About Us section should make it clear whether they deal with legitimate and regulated online slot sites only, or just any random casino on the internet. Genuine slot sites are the ones with official stamps of authority from the Gambling Commission of UK, eCOGRA, and various other established governing bodies that regulate the online casino scene in the UK and Europe. If you do not find any convincing information about there being strict rules and regulations against reviewing obscure and dubious online casinos, that is not a review site that you should trust.

Verify their Claims

Review sites do not need any gambling licence or regulatory affiliation to operate, but the casinos they review should certainly have them. Check whether the review site’s claim of only reviewing the best slot sites is true or not by verifying them. To do this, follow the simple steps as mentioned next:

  1. Pay a visit to some of their most recommended slot sites.
  2. Check the About Us sections of those slot sites.
  3. See where they are licensed from and which authorities are regulating them.
  4. If you find that the information is unclear, or nothing concrete is mentioned regarding the above, then that’s a red flag.
  5. In case they are licensed by less trusted gambling authorities, or by some that you have never even heard of before, that is also a red flag.
  6. When the information is comprehensive and the regulatory/licensing bodies mentioned are well reputed, visit the mentioned online casino regulation boards’ official websites.
  7. If the casinos are indeed registered with those trusted organisations, you should be able to find them listed as being so on their respective sites.
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If any one or more of the online casinos recommended by the review site fails this verification test, then that is definitely not a review website that you should base your gambling decisions on! The difference between their claims and reality should be deemed as fraudulent activity, meaning that you need to find a proper source of information about legitimate and well-regulated slot sites in the UK.

Check How Comprehensive their Information, Updates and Reviews Are

Even if you manage to find a trusted source of reviews for slot sites, it may not be enough to help you find exactly what you need or want. As previously mentioned in our intro, even legitimate opinions will differ, as different players might be looking for different things in an online casino. If you want to find slot sites that are both honest and offer the kind of experience which you are currently looking for, you need the information provided to be comprehensive, and not biased.

This is a big part of the many reasons why is a favourite source of information for so many players across the United Kingdom. If you look there are these slot sites which may be ideal and are recommended, each one will pass the verification test we just detailed earlier. But most importantly, Online Casinos provides a concise, yet comprehensive list of key facts about each of those slot sites, even before you click on one of the links. This makes it so much easier to compare each site’s unique features, ongoing offers, games, joining bonuses, etc. without being limited by a reviewer’s personal opinions about them.

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When you are not looking to quickly find a good slot site to play at, but rather you are looking to find more information regarding a specific online casino, its game collection and its bonuses, that is once again where comprehensive information proves itself to be essential. In order to make the most out of a review site, you need the basic and advanced information from their reviews, so that you can form your own opinions about the slot games and the casinos that have them. For example, Mega Moolah is the most famous online progressive jackpot of all time, for two main reasons:

  1. It holds the number one position in the Guinness Book of World Records for paying out the highest amount ever won in an online jackpot.
  2. The progressive slot has also made more millionaires than any other virtual slot in existence, paying out well over a billion euros in total.

These two points are usually enough to push most players towards giving the slot a lot of attention, but the incomplete information provided so far does not let us in on everything. We also need to consider the fact that, despite its excellent track record, Mega Moolah has a very low RTP rate of 88.12, which is way below the average, even for a progressive jackpot. For example, Mega Fortune is also an extremely popular progressive slot that boasts a significantly better RTP rate of 96%. Technically, this means that players will have a higher chance of landing a big win while playing Mega Fortune, but they will likely win a much bigger prize if they do manage to land a jackpot in Mega Moolah!

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Such details are crucial to not just finding the best slot sites, but also the best slot games. Therefore, always look for review sites with comprehensive and detailed analysis of each casino and slot that they review or overview. With this point explained, our set of tips for finding the top online slot sites is finally complete, and hopefully, they were comprehensive enough to help you make a few right decisions while choosing review sites, slot sites and the slots themselves.

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