Video of family reacting to dog’s return goes viral on internet

Video of family reacting to dog's return goes viral on internet

Netizens were enthralled by a puppy named Brownie after she returned home after going missing for almost a week. A video posted on social media showed the animal entering alone through the door of a family residence in Barranquilla, Colombia, and the enthusiastic response from tutors seeing the small animal safe and sound set a worldwide record gave.

The brownie went missing on March 29, and its owner, Steven Beltran, told publications on the network that as soon as he learned that the puppy was no longer in the home’s garage, they began a long process of searching to locate him. whereabouts.

Brownie’s tutors posted pictures of the pups on the Internet and did several searches in the neighborhood.

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“We see a lot of days, days we don’t sleep, days we don’t eat,” Beltran told news website The Dodo. “We could only think of brownies.”

He said that this fear and despair afflicted the hearts of the members of the household that something bad would happen to them, who did not give up hope of getting it.

“We put up posters in the neighborhood, posted about the disappearance and shared it on social media, but no brownies were visible,” the tutor said. Until, to the surprise of the family, on the night of April 4, they had a pleasant surprise.

The puppy had finally found its way home alone and the home’s outdoor security camera caught the moment he squeezed through the front gate.

The video also shows the reaction of the family whose members are caught celebrating, jumping and crying with joy.

“Brownie’s coming back is indescribable,” Beltran said. “We’re so glad he’s back.”

The family also gave interviews to several news outlets and TV shows in Argentina, Panama, Venezuela and the United States. The animal received various gifts, such as special bones, toys and treats.

After the scare and already in the comfort of home, Brownie won many gifts, such as toys and treats for dogs - breeding/Instagram - breeding/Instagram

After the scare and now in the comfort of home, Brownie received many gifts, such as toys and treats for the dogs.

Image: playback / Instagram

The family also profiled the puppy on Instagram after the reunion. In a post, Brownie “thank you” to all those who helped find her and help her return home, sharing photos of her on social media:

“Thank you to all the people who shared my picture day and night. Thanks to this video, I went viral, published my story in many news stories and asked me for interviews.”

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