VIDEO: Rare white deer escaped from English city was killed by the police. World

VIDEO: Rare white deer escaped from English city was killed by the police.  World

Police Officers of the Merseyside Police Department, North West England, killed on Sunday (26) rare specimen of white deer who walked through the streets of Bootle, in the field of liverpool.

According to officials Reported not receiving all required support It had to be slaughtered to contain the animals and to ensure the safety of the drivers.

members of Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to AnimalsThe British Association for Animal Rights criticized the police action.

a British Deer Society, a non-governmental organization that looks after the welfare of deer and deer in the UK, The species found in Bootle is estimated to be “quite rare”..

They explain that animals Not considered albino specimen, but its color is a . is due to low melanin production – Responsible for pigmentation.

A rare white deer is seen running through the streets of Merseyside, England, before being killed by police – Photo: reproduction/Twitter/Adrian Howard

the animal was The police noticed at around 8:45 am on Sunday, just before he was recorded running through the streets of the city center (watch video above).

British police claim that agents managed to push the animal into an industrial area in the city, but he Need expert help to control deer.

A spokesman for Merseyside Police said officers had issued “multiple requests for help” and that “There was no other option” to ensure the safety of civilians.

The Royal Society said in a statement that it also instructed professionals to allow the animal to return to the wild alone, and that This kind of wild apparition was “not unusual”..

“One Another option would be to sedate the animal. and taken home safely,” the association said in a statement.

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