Video: The groom got a cut in his face while trying to extract the dragon’s egg

Video: The groom got a cut in his face while trying to extract the dragon's egg

Keeper Jay Brewer from California, USA, was bitten in the face by a python while trying to collect his eggs in an incubator.

“She got me!” Jay said during a recorded video. “I’m at risk so I can put the babies in the incubator, where it’s safe,” Brewer said.

The YouTube video shows the giant yellow python rolling around a pile of eggs as the keeper tried to turn its head away from the metal tool.

“She (the snake) is like, ‘Hey, I finally laid some eggs and are you going to take them away from me?’ Yes, because we want them to hatch (in the incubator) because otherwise they won’t hatch,” Jay explained.

At one point, Brewer arrived to collect the large white eggs, which were stuck together, and it was at this point that the snake twisted and bit the victim’s face. “Kick in the face!” Jay complained.

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