Vodafone eSIM is now available: how to activate it, how it works and the main FAQ

Vodafone eSIM is now available: how to activate it, how it works and the main FAQ

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Vodafone Has published a clear on its website Support page in italian To guide it in activating for example:, Come Anticipated a few days ago.

Once you buy an eSIM card at the Vodafone store, instead of a physical card you will receive one. QR code, In addition to the classic PIN and PUK. This will be enough to scan the QR with your smartphone and QR eSIM profile It will be downloaded to your phone, so that you will be able to use it from the same moment as if you have inserted a physical SIM inside it.

It will require that the smartphone is connected to the Internet to complete the configuration, so, in the absence of another SIM inside it, you must first have a network Wi-Fi.

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If you want Keep your current number And take it to an eSIM. You can do this only by visiting the Vodafone center. Instead transfer to eSIM From one device to another, you must first delete its profile from the existing smartphone and then install it on the new one using the same QR code given above.

Then remember that for all intents and purposes eSIM behaves like a normal SIM, ie after a certain time Expired if not used. To be precise, eSIM will stop working after 11 renewals from activation or from the last top-up operation, and you can only receive calls after expiration after the first month, before eSIM becomes completely inactive. Go and the remaining credits are canceled (eSIM membership or fixed network plans do not expire). Further details can be found in the published FAQ Vodafone website.

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The practical table below shows what you need to do on your phone, depending on what it has Ios Hey Android, To activate your new eSIM.

Apple ios Android

Scan the QR code through your iOS QR reader. Click Continue, then “Add” to set up your cellular plan.
Alternatively, follow the path given below: Settings → Cellular → Add Cellular Plan.
Scan the QR code shown on the activation voucher with the device, then click “Add”

Follow the path given below: Settings → Connection → Sim Card Management.
Here you will be selected to download a new eSIM profile to see the pre-installed profile and “e-rate plan” item.

Will be ready to add your cellular plan; Click to continue.
You will be prompted to identify your cellular plan as primary or secondary.
By clicking “Continue” you can choose whether to activate the mobile data transformation function to guarantee connectivity to the main or secondary line depending on coverage or availability.

On the next screen select the item “Add with QR Code”. Scan the QR code shown on the activation voucher by framing it with the device

After clicking “Finish”, you will be prompted to unlock your digital SIM by entering the PIN code shown on the voucher.
At this point the cellular plan will be automatically installed on your device’s eSIM and you can use Vodafone connectivity

You will receive a notification with the cellular plan which will be installed on your smartphone.
Click “Add”

You can save multiple eSIMs on the iPhone, but you can use only one at a time. To switch between eSIM, go to Settings> Cellular, tap the scheme you want to use, then tap “Activate this line”

When the profile has finished downloading, a pop-up will ask you if you want to activate it. Select “Ok”, if you want the profile to be activated immediately or “Cancel”, if you want to activate the eSIM profile later.
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