Waitress is called by client and receives R$11,000 in donation

Waitress is called by client and receives R$11,000 in donation

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After complaining about coping policies COVID-19 From a restaurant in Morristown, NJ, a customer left a message for the waitress on the bill, cursing her and refusing to leave a tip.

According to information received from G1, the establishment was opened amid the pandemic. The state of New Jersey allows 50% seating capacity and the venue uses this and other measures, such as the requirement to stay at the venue for a maximum of 90 minutes, to avoid lines.

credit: breedingCustomer humiliates waitress if she goes viral and receives $11,000 in charity

After the customers had been sitting in the restaurant for more than 90 minutes, the waitress, Beth, approached the table to tell them that their time was almost up, which the customers had already been told. The desk paid the bill but didn’t tip.

“Sorry, but waitress f…he. Don’t kick customers out after 90 minutes”, wrote the customer on the payment note.

The note along with the comment went viral on Facebook and cost the waitress nearly $2,000 in tips. “I want to put money back in my community,” commented Beth.

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