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Commuters cross London Bridge in view of The Shard in London on November 2 ahead of a partial lockdown in UK.

Everyone living or working in Liverpool will be offered Covid-19 testing from Friday, whether they have symptoms or not, in the first pilot of the entire city testing as England prepares for a month-long lockout from Thursday. There has been an increase in cases and deaths. .

The military has been called in to help carry out the Tests at Liverpool, which has been on high alert. The entire city investigation is part of a new approach to dealing with a subject virus, while the controversial three-tier limitations revealed regional alert levels.

Officials said Tuesday that existing Liverpool residents and staff will be tested using existing swab tests as well as new transparent flow tests that can quickly rotate results within an hour without the need for a laboratory procedure. .

LAMP (loop mediated isothermal application) technology capable of delivering vital test results is being deployed to Liverpool hospitals for NHS staff.

Officials added that the pilot would use a blue paragraph to explain how large-scale testing could be performed and how fast and reliable the Covid-19 could be tested.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “These tests will help identify thousands of people in the city who do not have symptoms but who can infect others without knowing it. Depending on their success at Liverpool, we aim to distribute millions of new fast tests between now and Christmas and empower local communities to use them to communicate in their areas. “

Defense Secretary Ben Wallace added: “Once again, we will deploy 2,000 talented Armed Forces personnel to meet the challenges posed by Covid-19 to ensure that we move up and down for the Liverpool community. The military is uniquely designed to assist in the fight against Covid-19. ”

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