White room on BBB21? Expected to be dynamic in reality

Quarto branco no BBB21

White room in BBB21The The dynamics that aroused versions 9, 10 and 20 of the reality show have encouraged the public to return again to the format that is currently on the air. However, nothing has been confirmed by Globo or the director general of imprisonment, Boninho.

White room on BBB21?

BBB21 has been the stage for many of Big Fons’ motions, having played at least 7 times. In addition, the fake show returned to the reality show last week. On this occasion, Carla Diaz disputed the hot spot against Arthur Piccoli, Caio Afiun and Joao Luiz. The sister was voted the most by the public and spent nearly 48 hours in a confidential room looking at pay-per-view in quality image and sound.

The member of the box (famous) won the veto right over the angel’s decision within two weeks. That is, it can nullify the angel’s choice for the punishment or immunity of the monster that he gives to a contestant while building the wall that normally occurs on Sundays.

The dreaded white room awaits by BBB 21 viewers, but has not yet received confirmation of the creation of the reality show that intends to make Big Dos Big, bringing new dynamism and saving some who have 20 years has marked the format’s history. In brazil

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The contestants have completed the B.B.B.
Leo was the only participant in history to press the red button and photograph the white room (and program).

BBB20 White Room

Big Brother Brasil 20, a version that preceded BBB 21, was painted in the white room. After winning the fairy trial by Ivy Moraes, the sister read a production statement stating that Dynamic returned to the reality show and would have to choose one person to be limited to. Felipe Prior was his choice.

In the rules, the message also stated that the chosen angel must appoint two more people to the white room. Manu Gavasi and Giseli Balko were called by the architect.

In the white room, the trio arrived wearing a special white suit and shared a bathroom without bathing. The ceiling of the room was raised low and unexpectedly. In the center, a red button. Whoever presses the button will go straight to the wall of the week without the right to crash and return. If the deadline expired and no one had pressed the button, all three would go to the wall.

On that occasion, Manu Gavasi pressed the red button after a few hours of mobility. He returned to the reality show’s headquarters during the weekend party.

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